1080-700-007 ZYGO MARK series interferometer camera assembly



The booklet doesn’t cover all possible measurement setups because new and innovative configurations are constantly developed by users worldwide.

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1080-700-007 ZYGO MARK series interferometer camera assembly


This passage provides an overview of Zygo Corporation’s interferometer system, emphasizing its dynamic and versatile nature. It discusses the modular nature of the interferometer, highlighting its adaptability to various measurement setups. Here are the key points from the text:

  1. Not a Comprehensive Collection:
    • The booklet doesn’t cover all possible measurement setups because new and innovative configurations are constantly developed by users worldwide.
  2. Modularity and Versatility:
    • Zygo Corporation’s interferometer system is not restricted to specific measurement setups, making it dynamic and versatile.
    • The system is limited only by the creativity and resourcefulness of the user.
  3. Technological Advancements:
    • With each technological advancement, there is a challenge to measure and quantify it. Interferometry provides a way to meet this challenge.
    • Industries traditionally not associated with interferometric testing are now utilizing it for various applications, such as measuring computer disks, diamond-turned surfaces, precision machined metal parts, and highly polished metal surfaces.
  4. Imagination and Resourcefulness:
    • The text encourages users to explore new ways of using interferometry with the help of Zygo interferometers.
    • It suggests that all it takes is a little knowledge, creativity, and a Zygo interferometer to unlock new possibilities.
  5. Measurement Setups:
    • Each setup example in the booklet includes a Mainframe, the part being tested, and necessary accessories. The text explains how each setup is utilized.
    • While GPI Mainframe is shown in the examples, any Zygo interferometer can be used successfully.
  6. Vibration Isolation:
    • For many measurement situations, the Mainframe and accessories may sit on one vibration isolation table with a horizontally oriented measurement beam.
    • More elaborate arrangements are possible to meet specific measurement needs.
  7. Support and Assistance:
    • Users are encouraged to contact Zygo Corporation for assistance or discussions about setups not covered in the booklet.
    • The Support Team is ready to help users understand and explore interferometry.
  8. Encouragement for Imagination:
    • The closing remarks express hope that the booklet sparks the reader’s imagination, emphasizing the role of knowledge, creativity, and Zygo interferometers in achieving innovative interferometric solutions.

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