8724-CA-PS power supply PAC8000 MTL module


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8724-CA-PS power supply PAC8000 MTL module

8724-CA-PS power supply PAC8000 MTL module


High Availability

PAC8000 supports PROFINET System Redundancy (PNSR), enabling synchronized independent controllers to service the I/O and transition from active to back-up controller without interruption. With controllers separated up to 10 kilometers from each other, processes will be resilient from physical disruption. Consider unplanned downtime a thing of the past.

Variety of I/O Modules

Beyond just analog and digital I/O, a broad range of PAC8000 I/O modules are available, including options for low-level instrumentation, AC mains, and intrinsically safe signals. 4, 8, 16, and 32 field channels modules are available, and all modules provide comprehensive diagnostic information.

Easy Troubleshooting and Machine Setup

Using integrated PAC Machine Edition (PME) software, you can easily configure PAC8000 I/O. If you are using PROFINET then it is even easier using the GSDML file. PME is the same software as all PACSystems CPUs so you only need a single tool from small to large applications. This approach utilizes the same hardware configuration, network configuration, and programming editors. HMI development is also streamlined with a single tag database for QuickPanel+ HMIs.

Mounting Format
„ DIN Rail
Network Interfaces
„ Modbus/TCP
Gateways / Bridges
Network Redundancy
„ Dual LAN
System Redundancy
„ PNSR or Modbus/TCP

Part Number Description Part Number Description
8707-CA-08 8 module carrier 8718-CA-NS BIM & Node Serices Carrier
for Profibus & Modbus
8709-CA-08 I/O Carrier, 8 module with earth bar 8720-CA-04 4 module Intrinsically Safe carrier
8710-CA-04 4 module carrier 8723-CA-RB Railbus isolator carrier
8711-CA-NS Node services carrier, screw terminal LAN 8724-CA-PS Intrinsically Safe module
power supply carrier
8712-CA-NS Node services carrier, Profibus-DP LAN 8725-CA-RB Railbus isolator carrier with PFM
8715-CA-BI BIM only carrier for Profibus
8727-CA-08 8 module Intrinsically Safe carrier
8717-CA-PS Carrier for 8910-PS-DC 8729-CA-08 Intrinsically Safe Carrier, 8 module,
64-address system