MVI69-AFC PROSOFT Gateway Module Universal Serial 3A


Product: MVI69-AFC
Length: 4mm
Width: 1.2mm
Height: 1.7mm
Available for sale: nationwide

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MVI69-AFC Main technical parameters
Rated power supply voltage: 220VAC, 50/60Hz (default 60Hz)
Overvoltage action threshold: 120% Ue ± 2.5%
Overvoltage recovery threshold: 115% Ue ± 2.5%
Undervoltage action threshold: 80% Ue ± 2.5%
Undervoltage recovery threshold: 85% Ue ± 2.5%
Action time: 1s ± 0.1s
Reset time: 180s ± 5%
Rated insulation voltage: 300V
Maximum power consumption: 2VA
Contact form: 1Z (NO) 20A 240VAC
1Z (NO) 10A 240VAC
Working environment temperature: -10 ℃~+55 ℃
Storage environment temperature: -25 ℃~+70 ℃
Humidity: ≤ 95% without condensation
● Altitude: ≤ 2000m
● Workplace: A place free from direct invasion of rain and snow, corrosive gases, and severe vibrations


The MVI69-AFC Configuration and Debug menu for this module is arranged as a tree structure, with the Main menu at the top of the tree, and one or more sub-menus for each menu command. The first menu you see when you connect to the module is the Main menu. Because this is a text-based menu system, you enter commands by typing the [command letter] from your computer keyboard in the Diagnostic window in ProSoft Configuration Builder (PCB). The module does not respond to mouse movements or clicks. The command executes as soon as you press the [COMMAND LETTER] — you do not need to press [ENTER]. When you type a [COMMAND LETTER], a new screen will be displayed in your terminal application.


The MVI69-AFC keyboard commands on these menus are usually not case sensitive. You can enter most commands in lowercase or uppercase letters. The menus use a few special characters (?, -, +, @) that must be entered exactly as shown. Some of these characters will require you to use the SHIFT, CTRL, or ALT keys to enter them correctly. For example, on US English keyboards, enter the ? command as SHIFT and /. Also, take care to distinguish the different uses for uppercase letter “eye” (I), lowercase letter “el” (L), and the number one (1). Likewise, uppercase letter “oh” (O) and the number zero (0) are not interchangeable. Although these characters look alike on the screen, they perform different actions on the module and may not be used interchangeably.

MVI69-AFC Caution: Some of the commands available to you from this menu are designed for advanced debugging and system testing only, and can cause the module to stop communicating with the processor or with other devices, resulting in potential data loss or other communication failures. Use these commands only if you fully understand their potential effects, or if you are specifically directed to do so by ProSoft Technology Technical Support Engineers. There may be some special command keys that are not listed on the menu but that may activate additional diagnostic or debugging features. If you need these functions, you will be advised how to use them by Technical Support. Please be careful when pressing keys so that you do not accidentally execute an unwanted command.