BPYR3-AVO841 Power Panel Instrument System


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BPYR3-AVO841 Power Panel Instrument System

BPYR3-AVO841 Power Panel Instrument System


The BPSH16-32, MTL4000 Series HART backplane is designed primarily for use with 16 (sixteen) of the MTL4044 dual-channel analogue input modules. This backplane can also be used with the MTL single channel isolators but not all 32 HART monitoring channels can be used in this configuration. A BPSH16-32R version is also available, fitted with 250 ohms input resistors connected across the safe area control system connections. The hazardous area connections from the field devices go directly to the isolator modules. Screw terminals are provided for the safe area interface to the control system.

Fit backplane
Refer to figures 4.9 and 4.10.
a) Select an M4 x 20mm screw (A).
b) Place a locking washer (B) and a plain washer (C) over it.
c) Insert the screw through a fixing hole on the baseplate.
d) Fit a 10mm spacer (D) and retain it with washer (E).
e) Repeat steps a) to d) for the other five (5) mounting holes.
f) Attach the baseplate using the prepared panel holes. Retain the screws with a suitable nut if the holes are not tapped.

The BPMH16 backplane is provided with a 38-way Elco male connector for the 16 safe-area circuits. The mating female connector can be obtained as an accessory (MTL part number ELC38). The ELC38 consists of the following Elco parts: Connector part no.: 58-8016-038-000-059 Crimps (39 pieces) part no.: 60-8017-0513-00-339 The connection procedure is:- Check pin assignment for the MTL4041A/B/P as per figure 4.17. Check pin assignments for the MTL4046/C/P as per figure 4.18. Using the crimps provided, make the appropriate connections to the mating half of the multiway Elco connector according to the pin assignments detailed in Table 4.1 and Figure 4.16. Complete connector tag label and attach to the backplane (optional). Plug multiway connector onto the backplane and secure with its locking screw.

Principle of main water supply regulation and control
The main feedwater control system controls the stability of the drum water level by adjusting the opening of the boiler’s main feedwater valve. When the load of the boiler exceeds 30%, the main feedwater regulation system meets the operating conditions for automatic operation. At this time, the operator can switch the main feedwater regulation to automatic control according to the actual situation. When the transmitters for the main steam flow and main feedwater flow operate normally, the main feedwater regulation is a three impulse automatic control method. At this point, the single impulse adjustment is in a tracking state, which tracks the output of the three impulse adjustment. If there is a signal fault in the transmitter of the main steam flow or main feedwater flow, the feedwater regulation will automatically switch to the single impulse regulation mode.

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