IRDH275B-435 BENDER Insulation Monitor


Manufacturer: BENDER
Part Number: IRDH275B-435
Product type: IRDH275B-435 Insulation Monitor
Weight: 3 kilograms

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IRDH275B-435 BENDER Insulation Monitor


IRDH275B-435 Intended use
The ISOMETER® is intended for:
1.monitoring the insulation resistance of IT systems Use for the intended purpose also includes
2.compliance with all information in the operating instructions and
3. compliance with test intervals. In order to meet the requirements of the applicable standards, customised parameter settings must be made on the equipment in order to adapt it to local equipment and operating conditions. Please heed the limits of the range of application indicated in the technical data. Any use other than that described in this manual is regarded as improper.


Common characteristics (IRDH375 and IRDH375B)

1.ISOMETER® for IT AC systems with galvanically connected rectifiers and for IT DC systems (IT = unearthed systems)

2.The operating range of the nominal voltage Un can be extended via coupling devices.

3.Automatic adaptation to the existing system leakage capacitance l measuring principle (European Patent: EP 0 654 673 B1) l Two separately adjustable ranges of the response value1 kΩ …10 MΩ (Alarm 1, Alarm 2)

4.Two-line LC display

5.Connection monitoring (monitoring of the measuring leads)

6.Automatic device self test

7.Option “W”: This option provides: improved shock and vibration resistance for use in ships, on rolling stock and in seismic environment.

IRDH275B-435 Additional characteristics IRDH375B

1.Memory with real-time clock to store all alarm messages with date and time stamp.

2.BMS interface (BMS protocol) for data exchange with other Bender devices (RS-485 electrically isolated).

3.Internal disconnection of the ISOMETER from the IT system to be monitored (using a control signal; terminals F1/F2) , e.g. if several ISOMETER®s are interconnected.

4.Current output 0(4)…20 mA (galvanically separated) in relation to the measured insulation value.

5.Remote setting of certain parameters via the Internet (option; COM465 additionally required).


IRDH275B-435 Product description

The ISOMETER® type IRDH375 monitors the insulation resistance of IT systems. It is suitable for universal use in 3NAC, AC/DC and DC systems. AC systems may include extensive DC supplied loads, such as converters or thyristor-controlled DC drives. The device automatically adapts itself to the existing system leakage capacitance. Suitable coupling devices are available to extend the nominal voltage range Un. The IRDH375B can be used in combination with a control and indicating device, e.g. PRC1470 version 2 or higher, on the BMS (BMS = Bender Measuring Device Interface) bus.


IRDH375-435 3NAC 0…793 V
DC 0…650 V
AC 88…264 V
DC 77…286 V
IRDH375W-435 „ „ B91065000W
IRDH375B-435 „ „ B91065004
IRDH375BW-435 „ „ B91065004W
IRDH375-427 3NAC 0…793 V
DC 0…650 V DC 19.2…72 V B91065002
IRDH375W-427 „ „ B91065002W
IRDH375B-427 „ „ B91065006
IRDH375BW-427 „ „ B91065006W
IRDH375-425 DC 10.2…36V B91065001
IRDH375B-425 B91065005