LDGRB-01 3BSE013177R1 32-bit microcontroller comes with a one-year warranty


LDGRB-01 can group loads for centralized control and management of different devices or systems. This helps to simplify the structure of the control system, improve its reliability and flexibility.

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In addition to the requirements provided, there are specific guidelines for the United States concerning cable types LDGRB-01 3BSE013177R1, conduits, and general rules for wiring within the system:

  1. LDGRB-01 3BSE013177R1 Cable Recommendations:
    • Type MC continuous corrugated aluminum armor cable with symmetrical grounds or shielded power cable is recommended for motor cables if metallic conduit is not utilized.
    • Power cables must be rated for 75°C (167°F).
  2. LDGRB-01 3BSE013177R1 Conduit Usage:
    • When conduits need to be joined, bridge the joint with a ground conductor bonded to the conduit on both sides of the joint.
    • Additionally, bond the conduits to the drive enclosure.
    • Use separate conduits for input power, motor, brake resistors, and control wiring.
    • Avoid running motor wiring from multiple drives in the same conduit.
  3. LDGRB-01 3BSE013177R1 Armored Cable / Shielded Power Cable:
    • Six-conductor (three phases and three ground) type MC continuous corrugated aluminum armor cable with symmetrical grounds is available from specified suppliers.
    • Shielded power cables are available from specified suppliers as well.
  4. LDGRB-01 3BSE013177R1 General Wiring Rules:
    • Analog control cable (if analog input AI is used) and cable used for frequency input must be shielded.
    • Use a double-shielded twisted pair cable for analog signals.
    • For low-voltage digital signals, a double-shielded cable is preferred, but a single-shielded or unshielded twisted multipair cable is also acceptable.
    • Always use shielded cable for frequency input.
    • Run analog signals and digital signals in separate cables.
    • Relay-controlled signals (up to 48 V) can be run in the same cables as digital input signals, preferably as twisted pairs.
    • Never mix 24 V DC and 115/230 V AC signals in the same cable.
  5. Relay Cable:
    • Cable types with braided metallic screens have been tested and approved by ABB, such as ÖLFLEX by LAPPKABEL.


By adhering to these guidelines, you ensure compliance with US requirements for cable types, conduits, and wiring practices, thereby maintaining safety and reliability in the system.


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