ABB AO845 Analog module industrial system controller

Numer modelu: AO845
Manufacturer: ABB
Serial ports: 2
Network ports: 4
Port isolation: 280 VDC
Weight : 3 Kg
Shipping Weight : 4 Kg

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Manufacturer ABB
Brand ABB
Series module
Part Number AO845
Product Type module
Quality 100% New Original
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After-sales Service Have
Warranty 1 year
Shipping term DHL / FEDEX/ EMS /UPS/TNT/EMS


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According to regulations, the motor must be protected against thermal overload and
the current must be switched off when overload is detected. The drive includes a
motor thermal protection function that protects the motor and switches off the current
when necessary. Depending on a drive parameter value, the function either monitors
a calculated temperature value (based on a motor thermal model) or an actual
temperature indication given by motor temperature sensors. The user can tune the
thermal model further by feeding in additional motor and load data.
The most common temperature sensors are:
• motor sizes IEC180…225: thermal switch, eg, Klixon
• motor sizes IEC200…250 and larger: PTC or Pt100.
For more information, see ACS880-M04 firmware manual (3AXD50000030629
Protecting the drive against ground faults
The drive is equipped with an internal ground fault protective function to protect the
unit against ground faults in the motor and motor cable. This is not a personnel safety
or a fire protection feature. The ground fault protective function can be reduced with a
parameter 31.20 Earth fault.
For more information, see ACS880-M04 firmware manual (3AXD50000030629
 Residual current device compatibility
The drive is suitable to be used with residual current devices of Type B.
Note: The EMC filter of the drive includes capacitors connected between the main
circuit and the frame. These capacitors and long motor cables increase the ground
leakage current and may cause fault current circuit breakers to function.
Implementing the Emergency stop function
For safety reasons, install the emergency stop devices at each operator control
station and at other operating stations where emergency stop may be needed.
Design the emergency stop according to relevant standards.
Note: Pressing the stop key on the control panel of the drive does not generate
an emergency stop of the motor or separate the drive from dangerous potential.