ABB AO810V2 Analog module industrial system controller

Numer modelu: AO810V2
Manufacturer: ABB
Serial ports: 2
Network ports: 4
Port isolation: 280 VDC
Weight : 3 Kg
Shipping Weight : 4 Kg

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Manufacturer ABB
Brand ABB
Series module
Part Number AO810V2
Product Type module
Quality 100% New Original
Stock In stock
Delivery time 1-3 days after Payment
After-sales Service Have
Warranty 1 year
Shipping term DHL / FEDEX/ EMS /UPS/TNT/EMS


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Select the input power and motor cables according to local regulations:
• The input power and the motor cables must be able to carry the corresponding
load currents. For rated currents, see Ratings on page 110.
• The cable must be rated for at least 70 °C (158 °F) maximum permissible
temperature of conductor in continuous use. For the US, see Additional US
requirements on page 60.
• The conductivity of the PE conductor must be sufficient, see the table on page 57.
• A 600 V AC cable is accepted for up to 500 V AC.
To comply with the EMC requirements of the CE mark, use an approved cable type in
Recommended power cable types on page 59.
Use symmetrical shielded cable to reduce the following properties:
• electromagnetic emission of the drive system
• stress on motor insulation
• bearing currents
• general drive wear.
The protective conductor must always have an adequate conductivity. The table
below shows the minimum cross-sectional area related to the phase conductor size
according to IEC 61439-1 when the phase conductor and the protective conductor
are made of the same metal.