ABB AO845A-eA Analog module industrial system controller

Numer modelu: AO845A-eA
Manufacturer: ABB
Serial ports: 2
Network ports: 4
Port isolation: 280 VDC
Weight : 3 Kg
Shipping Weight : 4 Kg

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Manufacturer ABB
Brand ABB
Series module
Part Number AO845A-EA
Product Type module
Quality 100% New Original
Stock In stock
Delivery time 1-3 days after Payment
After-sales Service Have
Warranty 1 year
Shipping term DHL / FEDEX/ EMS /UPS/TNT/EMS


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1. Frame sizes R3 and R4 only: Remove the two plastic connector covers at the top
and bottom of the drive. Each cover is fastened with two screws.
2. On IT (ungrounded) systems and corner grounded TN systems, remove the
following screws to disconnect the internal varistors and EMC filters (option
• VAR (frames R1 and R2, located close to the supply terminals)
• EMC, VAR1 and VAR2 (frames R3 and R4, located on the front of the power
WARNING! If a drive whose varistors/filters are not disconnected is installed
on an IT system (an ungrounded power system or a high resistance grounded
[over 30 ohms] power system), the system is connected to ground potential through
the varistors/filters of the drive. This may cause danger or damage to the drive.
If a drive whose varistors/filters are not disconnected is installed on a corner
grounded TN system, the drive will be damaged.
3. Fasten the two cable clamp plates included to the drive (see page 80), one at the
top, one at the bottom. The clamp plates are identical. Using the cable clamp
plates as shown below will provide better EMC compliance, as well as act as a
strain relief for the power cables.
4. Strip the power cables so that the shields are bare at the cable clamps.
5. Twist the ends of the cable shield wires into pigtails.
6. Strip the ends of the phase conductors.
7. Connect the following:
• phase conductors of the supply cable to U1, V1 and W1 terminals of the drive.
• phase conductors of the motor cable to U2, V2 and W2 terminals.
• conductors of the resistor cable (if present) to R+ and R– terminals.
With frame size R3 or R4: attach the screw terminal lugs included to the
conductors first. Crimp lugs can be used instead of screw lugs.
8. Tighten the cable clamps onto the bare cable shields.