GFD233A103 3BHE022294R0103 Interface Module Industrial


GFD233A103 3BHE022294R0103

Material: GFD233A103 3BHE022294R0103
Support: Hot swappable
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Size: Factory standard
Weight: 1KG
Warranty: 365 days

Additional information: GFD233A103 3BHE022294R0103 Interface Module Industrial

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GFD233A103 3BHE022294R0103 Interface Module Industrial


Model: GFD233A103 3BHE022294R0103
GFD233A103 3BHE022294R0103 Product parameters:
Display method: LCD display
Maximum binding thickness 55mm
Manuscript length 320mm
Use cover paper with a thickness of 40-400g
Gluing method: single rubber wheel
Preheating time is about 25 minutes
Maximum power consumption 220V/50Hz 1KW
Machine weight 160KG
Production speed of 280 copies per hour
Manual adjustment of square and circular angles
Milling cutter method: 10 tooth sun cutter+small milling cutter
Adhesive installation method: manual and automatic integration
Machine size 1100 * 460 * 970mm


The GFD233A103 3BHE022294R0103 GF range of contactors from ABB is designed to meet the evolving needs of the renewable energy industry, particularly in the context of photovoltaic (PV) solar power systems. Here are the key features and benefits of the GF contactors:

  1. Increased Efficiency: By enabling switching capabilities for 1500 V DC circuits, the GF contactors contribute to reducing costs and improving the efficiency of utility-scale PV solar power plants.
  2. Energy Efficiency: The GF contactors offer remote, automatic, and energy-efficient switching of 1500 V DC circuits, facilitating central PV inverter optimization. They are built with ABB’s standard low-energy electronic coils for safe and controlled operation.
  3. GFD233A103 3BHE022294R0103 Continuous Operation: With AF technology, the GF contactors provide continuous voltage and current control during operation, ensuring safe and energy-efficient performance even in unstable networks. They can withstand voltage sags, dips, or surges, thereby securing application uptime.
  4. Speed and Compliance: The GF contactors comply with major international standards and feature AC/DC controlled wide voltage range coils. This facilitates easy integration and speeds up project deployment.
  5. IEC Rating: ABB offers the GF contactor as the first-ever DC-PV3 rated contactor, aligning with the new contactor utilization categories (DC-PV3 and DC-PV4) introduced by IEC in 2018, specifically tailored for PV solar applications.
  6. AF Technology: GF contactors incorporate AF technology, ensuring controlled, distinct, and energy-efficient operation.
  7. Bidirectional Design: The two-pole bidirectional design allows the GF contactors to break both positive and negative currents across the entire current range. Each pole is rated for 750 V DC.
  8. Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation, GF contactors feature easily identifiable and accessible coil terminals and PLC control terminals from the front of the contactor.
  9. High Current Ratings: The GF range extends up to 1325 A for DC-PV3 applications, providing flexibility and scalability for various PV solar installations.

In summary, the GFD233A103 3BHE022294R0103 GF range of contactors offers a compact, efficient, and reliable solution for DC switching in PV solar power systems, contributing to improved efficiency, safety, and performance in renewable energy applications.

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