FS450R12KE3/AGDR-71C thyristor drive ABB



Material: FS450R12KE3/AGDR-71C
Support: Hot swappable
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Size: Factory standard
Weight: 1KG
Warranty: 365 days

Additional information: FS450R12KE3/AGDR-71C thyristor drive ABB

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FS450R12KE3/AGDR-71C thyristor drive ABB


FS450R12KE3/AGDR-71C supports Modbus master and Modbus slave stations with baud rates of 1200bit/s, 2400bit/s, 4800bit/s, 9600bit/s, 19200bit/s, 38400bit/s, 57600bit/s, 115200bit/s
Other baud rates can be customized.
Working mode: half duplex
Verification methods: none, odd, even
Data bit: 8 bits
Stop bit: 1 bit, 2 bits
Function code: As a MODBUS master station, it supports functions of 01H, 02H, 03H, 04H, 05H, 06H, 0FH, and 10H;
Power supply: 24VDC (± 5%)
Maximum power 3.5W
Working environment temperature: -25~55 ℃,
Humidity ≤ 95%
External dimensions: 40mm (width) x 110mm (height) x 70mm (thickness) Installation method: 35mm guide rail
Protection level: IP20


FS450R12KE3/AGDR-71C Product Information:

  • ABB Type Designation: IGBT MODULE+DRIVE FS450R12KE3/AGDR-71C S
  • Catalog Description: IGBT MODULE+DRIVE FS450R12KE3/AGDR-71C S; IGBT KIT
  • Long Description: IGBT MODULE+DRIVE FS450R12KE3/AGDR-71C S

FS450R12KE3/AGDR-71C General Information:

  • Customs Tariff Number: 85359000
  • Replaced Product ID (OLD): 68437024
  • Quote Only: No
  • Made To Order: No
  • Part Type: New
  • Selling Unit of Measure: Piece
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
  • Order Multiple: 1 piece

Container Information:

  • Gross Volume: 0.01 m³

FS450R12KE3/AGDR-71C Dimensions:

  • Product Net Height: 0 mm
  • Product Net Length: 0 mm
  • Product Net Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Product Net Width: 0 mm

This product is an IGBT module with a corresponding drive unit. It is a new part and is available for individual purchase with no minimum order quantity requirement. Please note that the product dimensions are not specified.


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