EL3020-URAS26+02SENSOR EL3000 series gas analyzer



Material: EL3020-URAS26+02SENSOR
Support: Hot swappable
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Warranty: 365 days

Additional information: EL3020-URAS26+02SENSOR EL3000 series gas analyzer

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EL3020-URAS26+02SENSOR EL3000 series gas analyzer


EL3020-URAS26+02SENSOR Dynamic Response:

  • Warm-Up Time:
    • Approx. 30 minutes without thermostat.
    • Approx. 2 hours with thermostat.
  • 90% Response Time (T90):
    • T90 = 2.5 sec under specific conditions:
      • Measurement cell length = 175 mm
      • Sample gas flow = 60 l/h
      • Electronic T90 time (static/dynamic) = 5/0 sec.

EL3020-URAS26+02SENSOR Calibration:

  • Zero-Point Calibration:
    • Using inert gas (e.g., N2) or ambient air free of the sample component.
  • End-Point Calibration:
    • Utilizing gas-filled calibration cells (optional) or test gas mixtures.
    • Recommended to verify calibration cell set values annually.


EL3020-URAS26+02SENSOR Materials in Contact with the Sample Medium:

  • Analyzer (Sample Cells):
    • Tubing: Aluminum
    • Window: CaF2 or BaF2
    • Connectors: Stainless steel 1.4305
  • Gas Lines and Connectors:
    • FPM (Fluorocarbon rubber) hoses, PVDF connectors.
    • Option: Stainless steel tubes 1.4571, stainless steel connectors 1.4305

EL3020-URAS26+02SENSOR Gas Inlet Conditions:

  • Temperature:
    • Sample gas dew point should be at least 5°C below the temperature throughout the sample gas path. Otherwise, a sample gas cooler or condensate trap is necessary.
  • Inlet Pressure (pe):
    • Range: 2–500 hPa
    • Lower pressures require a sample gas pump, while higher pressures require a pressure reducer.
  • Outlet Pressure:
    • Atmospheric pressure.
  • Flow Rate:
    • Range: 20–100 l/h.

EL3020-URAS26+02SENSOR Handling Corrosive and Flammable Gases:

  • Corrosive Gases:
    • Highly corrosive components like chlorine (Cl2) and hydrogen chloride (HCl) require cooling or prior absorption.
  • Flammable Gases:
    • Version with stainless steel gas lines and connectors suitable for measuring flammable gases in general-purpose environments. Special conditions must be observed (refer to operator’s manual).

For detailed gas connections, please refer to page 16 of the manual.



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