ABB DSQC601 3HAC12815-1 Circuit board


Part Number:DSQC601 3HAC12815-1

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The predefined reports/status lists are created with the AdvaCommand status list function.
An important aspect of system functionality is to avoid degradation of the system and protection
mechanisms due to manual interactions.
The status list function aids in this process, and is used to search the control system for specific
conditions. Any value or status in the real time object database may be searched. Wild card
names, process section, object class etc. are used to select a range of objects to search, such as a
module, building or fire area. This function is used to produce a variety of predefined reports

such as (but not limited to):
• Input Override List: A list of all inputs that have the inhibited condition (override) set.
• Output Override/Bypass List: For all outputs, list special status of this type
• Fault list: A list of all detectors that have a fault condition detected
• Special status: Lists all systems in manual or blocked mode
• Blocked alarms
• Gas detection LEL readings.
The lists can be produced on demand, or are timed, e.g. per shift or per day. The output can be
sent to a display or to a printer. For indication, the periodic timed lists can set or reset indication
flags, that are used as alarms or for summary displays.


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