AO2020 URAS26 0242919683/1030 analyzer


AO2020 URAS26 0242919683/1030

Available as a 19-inch model (AO2020) or wall-mount model (AO2040)

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AO2020 URAS26 0242919683/1030 analyzer


AO2000 Series Gas Analyzer – Housing Specifications:

  1. Housing Options:
    • Available as a 19-inch model (AO2020) or wall-mount model (AO2040).
    • Housing provides IP20 or IP54 protection.
    • IP54 housing versions can be purged for specific applications.
  2. Display and Control Unit:
    • Located on the front panel of the housing when the electronics module is installed.
  3. System Bus:
    • Functional units of the gas analyzer are interconnected via the system bus.
    • Linear system bus structure with a maximum length of 350 meters.
    • Only one electronics module with up to five I/O modules should be connected to a system bus structure.
  4. Connection of Sample Gas Conditioning Modules:
    • SCC-F sample gas feed unit and SCC-C sample gas cooler can be connected to the gas analyzer via the system bus.
    • I/O board installed in the sample gas feed unit allows the display, monitoring, and control of sample gas conditioning functions.
  5. Housing Versions:
    • 19-inch housing (model AO2020) or wall-mount housing (model AO2040).
    • Housing protection types:
      • IP65 without power supply and without display/control unit.
      • IP54 with display/control unit and connection box.
      • IP20 without connection box per EN 60529.
  6. Housing Purge:
    • Possible with IP54 version with connection box.
    • Can be fitted with screwed cable glands or conduit connections.
    • Purge gas flow during operation: max. 20 l/h (MultiFID14: approx. 300 l/h).
    • Purge gas pressure: 2 to 4 hPa.
    • Purge gas should not contain any sample gas components.
  7. Housing Materials:
    • Housing: Stainless steel 1.4016 (SAE 430).
    • Module rear panel: Aluminum.
    • Keypad sheet: Polyester.
  8. Housing Color:
    • Light gray (RAL 7035), basalt gray (RAL 7012).
  9. Weight:
    • Analyzer unit with one analyzer module: 18 to 23 kg.
  10. Dimensions:
    • Refer to dimensional drawings on page 42 and page 43.
  11. Gas Connections:
    • Layout: Gas ports on the back (19-inch rack housing) or bottom (wall-mount housing) of the analyzer module.
    • Design: 1/8 NPT internal threads for commercially available adapters (e.g., Swagelok®), unless otherwise specified in the technical data of individual analyzer modules.

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