5SHY4045L0006 3BHB030310R0001 3BHE039203R0101 GVC736CE101 IGCT Semiconductor


5SHY4045L0006 3BHB030310R0001 3BHE039203R0101 GVC736CE101

IGBTs convert electrical energy into DC current for efficient transmission over long distances.

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5SHY4045L0006 3BHB030310R0001 3BHE039203R0101 GVC736CE101 IGCT Semiconductor


The provided text explains how Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) play a crucial role in converting electrical energy into DC current, enabling efficient transmission over long distances. At the destination, a second station converts the DC current back into alternating current (AC) and synchronizes it with the grid. The text emphasizes the importance of power electronics, particularly IGBTs, in enhancing energy efficiency, addressing high energy costs, and supporting the growth of various industrial segments. It also highlights trends such as the increasing significance of regenerative energies, particularly offshore wind farms, and the need for large investments in transmission infrastructure.

Key Points:

  1. Role of IGBTs in Energy Transmission:
    • IGBTs convert electrical energy into DC current for efficient transmission over long distances.
    • At the destination, the current is converted back into AC and synchronized with the grid.
  2. Energy Efficiency and Economic Impact:
    • High energy costs stimulate investment in energy efficiency.
    • Power electronics, with efficiency gains of up to 40 percent, contribute to economic growth.
  3. Regenerative Energies:
    • Offshore wind farms are becoming increasingly important for wind power.
    • Power semiconductors, including IGBTs, transform offshore wind power before reaching the distribution grid.
  4. Transmission Infrastructure:
    • Large investments in transmission infrastructure are required to support the generation of regenerative energies in locations where they are abundant.
  5. Minimizing CO2 Emissions:
    • Initiatives in the energy industry, such as hybrid or all-electric cars, smart grids, and carbon capture, aim to minimize CO2 emissions.
    • These initiatives require the use of power semiconductors, including IGBTs.
  6. References to ABB’s Products:
    • The text refers readers to additional information on ABB’s IGCT and IGBT products in specific sections of ABB Review.


The text underscores the pivotal role of power semiconductors, particularly IGBTs, in addressing challenges related to energy efficiency, cost, and the integration of regenerative energies into the power grid. It also highlights the broader impact of power electronics on various initiatives aimed at minimizing environmental impact and reducing CO2 emissions in the energy industry. If you have further questions or need more details, feel free to ask.

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