5SGX1060H0003 3BHE024415R0101 ABB Motor drive controller module robot card


5SGX1060H0003 3BHE024415R0101
Manufacturer: ABB
Serial ports: 4
Network ports: 7
Port isolation: 520 VDC
Weight : 2.5 Kg

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5SGX1060H0003 3BHE024415R0101 ABB Motor drive controller module robot card


5SGX1060H0003 3BHE024415R0101 Functional characteristics
Integrated thyristor and trigger circuit, integrated installation structure, suitable for single-phase or three-phase control circuit, compact and convenient to use.
Adopting high-speed 14 bit AD conversion, automatically eliminating temperature drift processing.
Multiple control methods are available (phase shifting, fixed period zero crossing, and variable period zero crossing), supporting multiple load connection methods (star to zero, star not to zero, or triangle)
Supports cathode and anode triggering (i.e. strong triggering). Double pulse train triggering signal, stable triggering of 0-3000A thyristor. The output has anti burn protection function.
Automatically distinguish phase sequence.
The communication interface has functions such as high voltage and high current surge protection.
Equipped with start stop switch disconnection alarm, radiator over temperature alarm, and comprehensive fault alarm indicator lights.
Constant voltage, constant current, and constant power control can be achieved through power feedback, supporting overcurrent protection and overvoltage protection.
You can view various components without disassembling them, making it convenient for inspection and maintenance.

Product Overview:
Multiple input methods can be selected
Multiple automatic diagnostic alarm functions
Can be selected for automatic or manual output
Small or large output limits can be set
Buffered start or pulse start time can be set
Automatic detection of power frequency 50/60Hz
Zero or phase control methods can be selected

Product specifications:
Load: 40A/60A
Rated current: 32A/48A
Fuses: 63A/80A
Breakthrough current resistance: 410A/620A
Low voltage withstand: 600VAC/1200VAC
Cooling fan: 80 * 80 (12VDC)
Load power supply: 180-440VAC/280-550VAC (50/60Hz)
Auxiliary power supply: 90-265VAC, 50/60HZ
Leakage current: 25mA max
Surge resistance: Over 4KV
Interference resistance:+-2KV/1us
Output range: 0-100%
Input resolution: 0.39%
Dielectric strength: Over 2.5KV
Operating environment: -20 ℃ -+80 ℃; 35-85% RH
Insulation strength: Over 100M Ω/500VDC