TRL810K02 Ethernet Port Controller/ABB


Manufacturer: ABB
Model: TRL810K02
Warranty: One year warranty
Working temperature range: -30 ° C to+90 ° C
Input current: 15mA
Output current: 2A

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MB81Ø HPC800 module mounting base 175
CTB81Ø/811 HPC800 Communications Terminal Boards 150
MB7Ø5 SPC7ØØ Horizontal row module base, Non-Redundant 150
MB71Ø SPC7ØØ Horizontal row module base, Redundant 200
VB7Ø5 SPC7ØØ Vertical column module base, Non-Redundant 305
VB71Ø SPC7ØØ Vertical column module base, Redundant 355
cHBSØ1-xxx Compact Horizontal Base Single module 90
cHBxØ1L/R Compact Horizontal Bus Extenders (Left / Right) 90
HBRØ1-xxx Horizontal Base Redundant module 200
HBSØ1-xxx Horizontal Base Single module 150
HBxØ1L/R Horizontal Bus Extenders (Left / Right) 150
VBRØ1-xxx SD Series I/O Vertical Base Redundant module 355
VBSØ1-xxx SD Series I/O Vertical Base Single module 305
VBXØ1T/B HN800 Vertical Bus Extenders (Top / Bottom) 75
PTU81Ø PDP8ØØ Horizontal row module base, Redundant 175
RMU61Ø cRBXØ1 Compact F. O. Repeater Horizontal base 175
VMU61Ø cRBXØ1 Compact F. O. Repeater Vertical base 255
RMU81Ø RFO81Ø Horizontal row module base, Redundant 175

Software failures are usually caused by software programming errors, which usually occur after the DCS system is put into operation or after software upgrades. Most software programming is complex, and there are also situations where configuration personnel cross work, resulting in software errors. The software used in the DCS system mainly includes installing workstation tools and monitoring software.

▶ Fault analysis:
Software failures are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
① The main CPU configuration and slave CPU configuration information are inconsistent, and the CPU cannot initialize properly.
② The database configuration and channel connection signals cannot achieve effective matching.
③ System chaos caused by network communication congestion.
④ Printer printing failure.
⑤ After replacing the component once, there was an error in setting the variable parameters.
⑤ The device is not working properly, and the system output cannot drive the device to work properly.

▶ Fault handling:
Under normal working conditions, there are fewer software failures, which mainly occur after modifying the unit configuration and during the unit debugging process. The application of mature software is the foundation for ensuring the normal operation of the DCS system.
Before carrying out unit maintenance and renovation or debugging, it is necessary to implement a comprehensive renovation plan and conduct effective technical disclosure according to the content of the plan to ensure the effective implementation of relevant systems and avoid software failures caused by human error. In addition, reasonable backup methods need to be adopted to avoid data loss caused by software failures.

Example of DCS system fault handling:
Problem: A certain enterprise adopts the CENTUM CS1000 distributed control system, which is a new generation DCS system developed based on the architecture of Windows 2000 Professional. The system utilizes a reliable bus real-time control network VLNET to achieve process control. After the system was upgraded, there were occasional instances where the temperature control circuit of the electric baking furnace switched from automatic to manual mode, and an open circuit alarm occurred.
Analysis: It was found that the system’s construction cables were damaged and the shielding layer was perforated, as each heating section of the roasting furnace had three phases and thirteen heating sections. During operation, a large magnetic field was formed, and the control signal line induced interference from the magnetic field, which was input to the DCS system and caused a malfunction. Afterwards, all cables will be replaced to standardize construction procedures and achieve the goal of eliminating faults.