Technical conditions for NI PXI-5402 signal generator


PXI-5402 Input voltage range
Sine wave:0.63 Vpk-pk to 2.8 Vpk-pk into 50 Ω (0 dBm to +13 dBm)

Square wave:0.2 Vpk-pk to 2.8 Vpk-pk into 50 Ω

Maximum input overload:±10 V (ACpk + DC)

Input impedance:50 Ω

Input coupling:AC

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Title: Specifications and Conditions for the NI PXI-5402 Signal Generator

Introduction: Understanding the definitions, characteristics, and specifications of the NI PXI-5402 signal generator is crucial for optimal performance. This article outlines the key parameters and conditions to provide users with a comprehensive overview.

Section 1: Definitions 1.1 Warranted Specifications: Warranted specifications define the model’s performance under specified operating conditions and fall within the model warranty coverage.

1.2 Characteristics: Characteristics encompass values relevant to the model’s use under stated conditions but are not covered by the model warranty.

1.3 Typical Specifications: Typical specifications describe the performance that the majority of models meet.

1.4 Nominal Specifications: Nominal specifications are attributes based on design, conformance testing, or supplemental testing and are considered default unless otherwise specified.


Section 2: Conditions 2.1 Valid Specifications Conditions: Specifications are valid under specific conditions, including:

  • Ambient temperature range: 0 °C to 55 °C
  • Analog filter enabled
  • Interpolation set to the maximum allowed factor for a given sample rate
  • Signals terminated with 50 Ω
  • Full operating temperature range

2.2 Valid Typical Specifications Conditions: Typical specifications are valid under specific conditions, including:

  • Ambient temperature range: 15 °C to 35 °C


Section 3: Output Voltage 3.1 CH 0 – Number of Channels and Connector Type:

  • Number of channels: 1
  • Connector type: BNC

3.2 Maximum Output Voltage and DAC Resolution:

  • Maximum voltage: ±5 V (ACpk + DC)
  • DAC resolution: 14 bits


Section 4: Amplitude and Offset 4.1 Amplitude Range:

  • 50 Ω load: 5.64 mVpk-pk to 10 Vpk-pk
  • High-impedance load: 11.28 mVpk-pk to 20 Vpk-pk
  • Amplitude resolution: <0.06% (0.004 dB) of amplitude range

4.2 Offset Range:

  • Square waveforms: ±50% of amplitude range
  • All other waveforms: ±5 V


Section 5: Accuracy 5.1 AC Amplitude Accuracy:

  • +2.0% of amplitude +1 mV
  • -1.0% of amplitude -1 mV

5.2 Offset Accuracy:

  • ±0.5% of offset ±2 mV ±0.5% of amplitude


Section 6: Output Characteristics 6.1 Output Impedance and Enable:

  • Output impedance: Software-selectable – 50 Ω or 75 Ω
  • Output enable: Software-selectable – CH 0 output termination to ground with a 1 W resistor

6.2 Maximum Output Overload and Summing:

  • Maximum output overload: CH 0 output can be connected to a 50 Ω, ±12 V source without damage
  • Waveform summing: Outputs of multiple PXI-5402 signal generators can be connected

6.3 Phase Adjustment, Digital Interpolation Filter, and Analog Filter:

  • Phase adjustment: -180° to +180°
  • Digital interpolation filter: Software-selectable FIR filter with interpolation factors of 2 or 4
  • Analog filter: Software-selectable 7-pole elliptical filter

6.4 Frequency Resolution: 0.355 μHz


Conclusion: A comprehensive understanding of the definitions, specifications, and conditions for the NI PXI-5402 signal generator is essential for users seeking optimal performance and accurate signal generation in diverse applications.