NI cDAQ-9133 Controller Parameter Description


Model: CDAQ-9133
Brand: NI

CPU Intel Atom E3825
Number of cores 2
CPU frequency 1.33 GHz
On-die L2 cache 1 MB (shared)

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cDAQ-9133 RS-232 Serial Port

Maximum baud rate 115,200 bps
Data bits 5, 6, 7, 8
Stop bits 1, 2
Parity Odd, Even, Mark, Space
RI wake maximum low level 0.8 V
RI wake minimum high level 2.4 V
RI overvoltage tolerance ±24 V


cDAQ-9133 Analog Input

Input FIFO size 127 samples per slot
Maximum sample rate4 Determined by the C Series module or modules
Timing accuracy5 50 ppm of sample rate
Timing resolution5 12.5 ns
Number of channels supported Determined by the C Series module or modules


General-Purpose Counters/Timers

Number of counters/timers 4
Resolution 32 bits
Counter measurements Edge counting, pulse, semi-period, period,
two-edge separation, pulse width
Position measurements X1, X2, X4 quadrature encoding with
Channel Z reloading; two-pulse encoding
Output applications Pulse, pulse train with dynamic updates,
frequency division, equivalent time sampling
Internal base clocks 80 MHz, 20 MHz, 100 kHz
External base clock frequency 0 to 20 MHz
Base clock accuracy 50 ppm
Output frequency 0 to 20 MHz
Inputs Gate, Source, HW_Arm, Aux, A, B, Z,
Routing options for inputs Any module PFI, controller PFI, analog
trigger, many internal signals
FIFO Dedicated 127-sample FIFO


cDAQ-9133 Frequency Generator

Number of channels 1
Base clocks 20 MHz, 10 MHz, 100 kHz
Divisors 1 to 16 (integers)
Base clock accuracy 50 ppm
Output Any controller PFI or module PFI terminal