Shaft vibration transmitter MMS3110/022-000- EPRO


Model Number: MMS3110/022-000

Freely selectable via the configuration software, depending on the applied sensor.
for PR 6422: 0-250 µmo-p
for PR 6423: 0-500 µmo-p
for PR 6424: 0-1000 µmo-p
for PR 6425: 0-1000 µmo-p

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The MMS 3110/.. dual channel shaft vibration transmitter is part of the revised MMS 3000 transmitter system for monitoring and protecting any kind of turbo machines. The transmitters of the new generation are characterised by their highly flexible hardware options and their versatile combination possibilities and can thus optimally be adapted on the demands of the respective plant. They permit economic measurement and supervision of shaft vibrations by using eddy current sensors.


Limit value and channel supervision: The transmitter provides altogether 5 function outputs. Limit values can be programmed either on individual measurements or for the sum value of the combined measurements. Beyond this, the function outputs can be used to indicate the Channel Clear state. The function outputs can be freely assigned by means of the configuration software.

The following options are possible: • Without function outputs • 5 X opto-coupler output


IMAX: 100 mA

PMAX : 5 W • 5 x relay contact (make contact)



PMAX : 50 W • 5 x photomos relays


IMAX: 500 mA

PMAX : 25 W

Application fields of the transmitters are all kind of turbo machines, fans, compressors, gear boxes, pumps and similar, rotational machines. Due to the bus capability, MMS 3000 transmitters are applicable for big systems with programmable logic controls and host computers as used in power stations, refineries and chemical plants, as well as for small plants with only few measuring points and decentralized data processing. The inputs of the transmitter may be operated with all standard types of epro eddy current sensors: PR 6422/.., PR 6423/.., PR 6424/.. and PR 6425/..


The MMS 3110/.. dual-channel shaft vibration transmitter converts the input signals of eddy current sensors into two independent signals proportional to the shaft vibration, or into one output signal proportional to the maximum value of the two channels, in accordance with API 670: max. (Sppx, Sppy) or VDI 2059: Smax. The integrated module and sensor supervision detects fault functions of both – sensor and module electronic. In this case the status of the ‘OK’ output (Channel Clear) changes, and the 4…20 mA current output indicates 0 mA. All required configurations are made by means of the MMS 3910 W configuration software. The transmitters are delivered with a standard configuration suitable for most applications, if desired, any other configuration can be prepared in the factory.