ALSTOM SDK-C0147 12004-101-00 SBS04M17C Electric Couple Card KONGZHIQ


Manufacturer: ALSTOM
Part Number: SDK-C0147 12004-101-00 SBS04M17C
Product type: SDK-C0147 12004-101-00 SBS04M17C

Weight: 2 kilograms

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ALSTOM SDK-C0147 12004-101-00 SBS04M17C Electric Couple Card KONGZHIQ

A screwed assembly is designated by a performance class (CP) defined by the engineering office, determined according to the constraints related to tightening precision required by dimensioning, accessibility of the assembly and during the maintenance. The 5 performance classes used within ALSTOM define the maximum precision required for the use of a tension or torque applied to an assembly by considering tool precision as well as human factor:
• +/-20 % precision tools are not appropriate for a CPC20 performance class.
• Capability (as per DTRF 150214) allows verifying the adequacy of means (sensibility) considering the human factor towards the specified performance class.
• CPC20 torque values considered as a preferred solutions for all designs

• Indicate the DTR code of the fixation element in the bill of material
• Prescribe salt spray level, in hours, if different from standards DTRF 150213
• Use the logos of the DTRF 150250 to specify:
• Tightening torque value and performance class
• Safety level (/H / M / L)
• Safety logo
• Geometrical tolerances on interfaces (hole, flatness, roughness)
• Additional protection on fastener (wax, peripherical sealing)



• Retightening operation with parameter defined with the site assembly expert (ENG/IND): duration + retightening torque (if different from initial torque value): Example Re-tightening following DTRF 150214 – 250N.m CPC20 after 24 hours

• When using grease prescribe grease with Molybdenum (do not prescribe oil or anticorrosive grease)

• Indicate if it is necessary to use thread lock and the type

• Authorization of the tightening head side: only in the case of a screwed assembly, in case of difficult access, specify the possibility of tight head side (by default the DTRF 150214 specifies the tightening nut side)

• Authorization to not mark the elements (blue, orange or green) according to the limits of the DTRF 150214: contact with effluent, difficulty of access, …

• List of screw whose Tr level is > 70*% of F0minstab (this list is used for the control plan defined into DTRF150214)


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