PROSOFT MVI56-MNET backplane current load: 800MMA


Data related to the MVI56-MNET is stored in variables or variable groupings called controller tags.

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The Read Data area is moved from the module to the processor, while the Write Data area is moved from the processor to the module. The MVI56-MNET Add-On Instruction rung is configured for 600 registers of Read Data and 600 registers of Write Data, which is sufficient for most applications. However, you can configure the sizes of these data areas to meet the needs of your application.

1 In ProSoft Configuration Builder, expand the Module icon in the tree view and double-click MODULE to open an Edit window. Change the READ REGISTER COUNT to contain the number of words for your Read Data area.

2 To modify the WriteData array, follow the above steps, substituting WriteData for ReadData.

3 Save and download the configuration to the module (page 57) and reboot. Make sure that the ReadData and WriteData arrays do not overlap in the module memory. For example, if your application requires 2000 words of WriteData starting at register 0, then your Read Register Start parameter must be set to a value of 2000 or greater.

It is unnecessary to manually edit the ReadData and WriteData user-defined data types in the ladder logic, as these are automatically updated to match the changed array sizes from ProSoft Configuration Builder.


ProSoft MVI56-MNET Configuration Builder (PCB) provides a quick and easy way to manage module configuration files customized to meet your application needs. PCB is not only a powerful solution for new configuration files, but also allows you to import information from previously installed (known working) configurations to new projects.

If you have used other Windows configuration tools before, you will find the screen layout familiar. PCB’s window consists of a tree view on the left, and an information pane and a configuration pane on the right side of the window. When you first start PCB, the tree view consists of folders for Default Project and Default Location, with a Default Module in the Default Location folder. The following illustration shows the PCB window with a new project.

MVI56 MNET Product Overview:
Classic full hardware design, more stable and reliable
AC 220V power supply
AC and DC voltage and current, rich range selection
The decimal point is switched through needle skipping on the internal PCB board
Input signal: DC 0-600V
Measurement accuracy: ± 1% F.S ± 2Digits
Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz