PLX32-EIP-SIE Ethernet/IP to Communication Gateway


Product: PLX32-EIP-SIE
Output frequency: standard kHz
System environment: stable
System capability: normal
Operating system: DCS/PLC system

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Use the DATA PLX32-EIP-SIE MAP section in the ProSoft Configuration Builder to copy data between areas in the gateway’s internal database. This allows you to copy data to different addresses within the gateway database in order to create simpler data requests and control. You can use this feature for the following tasks.

· Copy a maximum of 100 registers per Data Map command, and you can configure a maximum of 200 separate copy commands.

· Copy data from the error or status tables in upper memory to internal database registers in the user data area.

· Rearrange the byte and/or word order during the copy process. For example, by rearranging byte or word order, you can convert floating-point values to the correct format for a different protocol.

· Use the Data Map to condense widely dispersed data into one contiguous data block, making it easier to access.


PLX32-EIP-SIE technical parameters:

Input: AC 0-30A
Auxiliary power supply: DC 24V ± 15%
Output: DC 4-20mA
Precautions for AC voltage transmitter Chengdu
1. Input, output, and auxiliary power wiring must be correct and not misaligned.
2. The operating environment should be free of conductive dust, corrosive metals, and gases that damage insulation, with an altitude of less than 2500 meters.
3. The zero point and accuracy of the product have been adjusted before leaving the factory. Please do not adjust them arbitrarily


0 to highest Status Data address
Specifies the beginning internal database register address for the copy operation. This address can be any valid address in the user data area or the status data area of the gateway.


This PLX32-EIP-SIE parameter sets an interval for each Data Map copy operation. The value for the Delay Preset is not a fixed amount of time. It is the number of firmware scans that must transpire between copy operations. The firmware scan cycle can take a variable amount of time, depending on the level of activity of the protocol drivers running on the gateway and the level of activity on the gateway’s communication ports. Each firmware scan can take from one to several milliseconds to complete. Therefore, Data Map copy operations cannot be expected to happen at regular intervals.


If multiple copy operations (several rows in the Data map section) happen too frequently or all happen in the same update interval, they could delay the process scan of the gateway protocols, which could result in slow data updates or missed data on communication ports. To avoid these potential problems, set the Delay Preset to different values for each row in the Data Map section and set them to higher, rather than lower, numbers.

For example, Delay Preset values below 1000 could cause a noticeable delay in data updates through the communication ports. Do not set all Delay Presets to the same value. Instead, use different values for each row in the Data Map such as 1000, 1001, and 1002 or any other different Delay Preset values you like. This prevents the copies from happening concurrently and prevents possible process scan delays.