NI PXI-4472B Analog Input Acquisition Device


One of the following devices:
– NI 4472B for PCI
– NI 4472B for PXI/CompactPCI

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NI PXI-4472B Analog Input Acquisition Device


Title: Proper Handling and Software Options for NI 4472 Data Acquisition Device

Introduction: The NI 4472 is a sensitive data acquisition device designed for precision measurements. This article provides guidelines for the proper handling of the device to prevent electrostatic damage and outlines software programming choices for National Instruments DAQ hardware.

Section 1: Handling Precautions 1.1 Antistatic Packaging: The NI 4472 is shipped in antistatic plastic packaging to safeguard against electrostatic damage. Handling precautions are crucial to prevent harm to device components.

1.2 Electrostatic Discharge Prevention: To avoid electrostatic discharge, which can damage device components, adhere to the following precautions:

  • Ground yourself using a grounding strap or by touching a grounded object.
  • Touch the antistatic package to a metal part of your computer chassis before removing the device.

1.3 Connector Pin Caution: Never touch the exposed pins of connectors to prevent potential damage.

1.4 Inspection and Reporting: Upon removing the device from the package, inspect it for loose components or any signs of damage. Notify National Instruments immediately if the device appears damaged, and refrain from installing a damaged device into your computer.

1.5 Storage: When not in use, store the NI 4472 in the provided antistatic envelope for additional protection.

Section 2: Software Programming Choices 2.1 NI Application Development Environment (ADE) Software: When programming National Instruments DAQ hardware, you have the option to use National Instruments ADE software or other ADEs.

2.2 LabVIEW Features: LabVIEW, a comprehensive ADE software, offers interactive graphics, a modern user interface, and a powerful graphical programming language.

2.3 LabVIEW Data Acquisition VI Library: Included with LabVIEW, the Data Acquisition VI Library is a series of virtual instruments designed for use with National Instruments DAQ hardware. It is functionally equivalent to NI-DAQ software.


Conclusion: Proper handling of the NI 4472 data acquisition device is crucial to prevent damage during installation and use. Additionally, users have the flexibility to choose from National Instruments ADE software, such as LabVIEW, or other ADEs when programming their DAQ hardware, with the LabVIEW Data Acquisition VI Library providing a powerful and equivalent alternative to NI-DAQ software.


Using PXI-compatible products with standard CompactPCI products is an important feature provided by the PXI Specification Revision 2.0. If you use a PXI-compatible plug-in device in a standard CompactPCI chassis, you will be unable to use PXI-specific functions, but you can still use the basic plug-in device functions. For example, the RTSI bus on your NI 4472 for PXI/CompactPCI is available in a PXI chassis, but not in a CompactPCI chassis.