MVI56-MCMR Rockwell Network Module


In ProSoft Configuration Builder, expand the MVI56-MCMR node, and then Double click on MODBUS PORT 1 COMMAND

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The module internal database is divided into two user-configurable areas:

 Read Data

 Write Data

The Read Data area is moved from the module to the processor, while the Write Data area is moved from the processor to the module. You can configure the start register and size of each area. The size of each area you configure must match the Add-On instruction controller tag array sizes for the READDATA and WRITEDATA arrays. The MVI56-MCMR sample program is configured for 600 registers of READDATA and 600 registers of WRITEDATA, which is sufficient for most applications. This topic describes how to configure user data for applications requiring more than 600 registers of ReadData and WriteData.


MVI56-MCMR Parameter Description

Error/Status Block Pointer Used mainly when the module is configured as a Slave. This parameter places the STATUS data into the database of the module.

Read Register Start Specifies the starting register in the module’s database for sending data to the ReadData controller tag array in the ControlLogix processor.

Read Register Count Sets how many registers of data the MVI56-MCMR module will send to the ControlLogix processor’s ReadData array. This value is best if set to a multiple of 200 (40 for MCMR).

Write Register Start Specifies where in the 5000 register module memory to start placing data sent from the WriteData tag array in the ControlLogix processor.

Write Register Count Specifies how many registers of data the MVI56-MCMR module will request from the ControlLogix processor. Because the module pages data in blocks of 40 words, this number is best if it is evenly divisible by 40.

Backplane Fail Count Sets the consecutive number of backplane failures that will cause the module to stop communications on the Modbus network. Typically used when the module is configured as a Slave.

MVI56-MCMR Product Introduction
Physical characteristics:
1. Optimize design
Successfully achieved total rest optimization design, instantly cut off, controlled by a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen
2. Security certification
High support performance of short-circuit current during short-circuit
3. Highly reliable
Excellent electrical and mechanical lifespan
4. The relay can be customized according to customer needs, such as installation location.
Applicable scope
Suitable for high voltage (DC) locations as follows:
electric vehicle
Hybrid electric vehicle
Renewable energy storage
Battery charging system
Fuel cell solar system
General industrial equipment
Dimensions (mm, length x width x height): 25 × twenty-five × thirty-nine point five
Weight (g): 60
Rated voltage (VDC)/current (A): 450/10
Surge/Switch Life (OPS.): 150000 (450VDC/10A)
Rated voltage of coil (VDC): 12