HTP-SC32 MTL Isolator Equipment


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HTP-SC32 MTL Isolator Equipment

HTP-SC32 MTL Isolator Equipment


As a simple solution for handling the HART maintenance signals passing to and from the field devices the HTP-SC32 will often be the primary method of choice. It is intended for analogue input signals but may also be used for analogue outputs if the host system is compatible with HART communications. Able to handle up to 32 channels through its screw-clamp field and system terminals, it is a convenient way to integrate HART maintenance facilities.

The HTP-SC32 provides a selfcontained solution because the MTL4850/54 HART multiplexer is already on-board and requires only DC power and a simple RS485 link to the host management PC to get started. Two terminals are provided for each channel enabling connections to be made to 2-wire transmitters, 4/20mA current loops or voltage inputs. Each channel is isolated so it may be connected to any suitable point in the analogue loop, and input and output types may be mixed. HART signals have to be terminated into an impedance of >240 , so provision is made on the circuit board to fit parallel resistors – normally 250 – or a series resistor if the input impedance at the point of connection is <240 . Various models are available to suit these termination options. Table 4.1 identifies the models and their specific differences and Figure 4.2 shows how these models are used.

HTP-SC32 no parallel resistor, zero ohm link fitted in series (used for current inputs with 250 input impedance or HART compatible outputs)
HTP-SC32-P250 250 parallel resistor, zero ohm link fitted in series (used for 1–5V system inputs)
HTP-SC32-S150 no parallel resistor, 150 resistor fitted in series (used for current inputs with100 input conditioning)
HTP-SC32-S200 no parallel resistor, 200 resistor fitted in series (used for current inputs with 50 or 63.5 input conditioning)
HTP-SC32-S240 no parallel resistor, 240 resistor fitted in series (used for outputs with isolator connected to field terminals. Use HMU16AO
for direct connection to field device)

The HTP-SC32 is designed for mounting in a control room equipment cabinet and is supplied fitted on a carrier suitable for T or G section DIN-rail mounting in any orientation. Carrier weight: 500g Module weight: 120g Footprint dimensions: See Figure 4.1 Height (modules fitted):152mm from top of DIN rail.

The software of the DCS system includes system software and configuration database. System software is a tool for configuring systems and reinstalling workstations. The configuration database is an application software for process monitoring in power plants. Any software modification work must be carried out in accordance with regulations. At the same time, the modification work should have comprehensive backup methods. Once software or database loss occurs, backup can be used for timely recovery. In addition, DCS systems with networking functions with MIS (Power Plant Management Information System) or other systems have a direct connection with the safety of their communication software. The faults caused by communication in the MIS system can also affect the operation of the DCS system. So, software and databases are a major issue in DCS system management, directly related to the safe operation of the system.

According to the requirements of different DCS systems, the backup management methods for software and databases also vary. The general system software requires a complete set of functions that can completely reinstall the system. In addition to the reinstallation software provided randomly when the equipment is put into production, it should have at least two system backup software after normal operation of the system. The application software (database) should be backed up in a timely manner. For minimal changes, it is not necessary to back up, but it should be recorded on the system modification record to prevent the system from using the old database for reinstallation during fault recovery. For the modification of the database, on the one hand, it should be downloaded to the control processor, and at the same time, it should be stored on the hard drive of the engineer station. For safety reasons, it should also be stored on a floppy disk or other workstation to increase reliability. Old backup disks should not be used beyond their lifespan to prevent data loss caused by exceeding their lifespan.

To prevent the MIS system or other systems connected to DCS from having adverse effects on the DCS system, when designing communication programs between the two, it is necessary to ensure the unidirectionality of DCS data transmission and prevent the MIS system from sending data or viruses to DCS, which may endanger the safety of the DCS system.

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