CI858 3BSE018135R1 CPU controller module


CI858 3BSE018135R1

ABB CI858 3BSE018135R1 is a high-performance CPU controller module widely used in industrial automation and control systems.

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CI858 3BSE018135R1 CPU controller module


ABB CI858 3BSE018135R1 is a high-performance CPU controller module widely used in industrial automation and control systems.

It is mainly used for data processing, logic control, and communication functions, and is a core component for achieving industrial automation and process control.

This module has strong processing power and high reliability, ensuring stable and efficient operation of the system. It supports multiple communication protocols, such as PROFIBUS DP, and can achieve seamless connection and data exchange with other devices. This enables the CI858 module to be easily integrated into various complex automation systems, meeting different communication needs.

In addition, ABB CI858 3BSE018135R1 also has a high degree of flexibility. It can be powered through the CEX bus without the need for additional external power sources, simplifying the power design of the system. At the same time, it also supports hot swapping function, making it convenient for users to install, maintain, and replace modules.

In the field of industrial automation, the ABB CI858 3BSE018135R1 module is widely used. It can be used in conjunction with ABB’s automation systems (such as the ABB 800xA system) for monitoring and controlling industrial processes, including power, manufacturing, chemical, water treatment, and other fields. By connecting with sensors, actuators, and other devices, the CI858 module can collect and process data in real-time, achieving precise control and monitoring.

In addition, the module also has a DriveBus interface, supporting communication between ABB Drivers and AC 800M controllers. This communication method is designed specifically for segmented drive applications of ABB rolling mill drive systems and paper machine control systems, and can meet the requirements of these specific application scenarios.

In summary, ABB CI858 3BSE018135R1 is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use CPU controller module suitable for various industrial automation and control systems. Its high performance, high reliability, and wide range of applications make it one of the important components in the field of industrial automation.




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