AN-X2-AB-DHRIO I/O Adapter Module


The AN-X2-AB-DHRIO supports autoconfiguration.

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The AN-X2-AB-DHRIO module is supplied with a Windows utility, AnxAbRioCfgAdpt, for configuring and monitoring the remote I/O network and mapping the remote I/O data to ControlLogix scheduled data.

The AN-X2-AB-DHRIO communicates with the ControlLogix processor using scheduled connections over Ethernet. Remote I/O data is mapped into the scheduled input and output data by the configuration program.

On monitored racks, a ControlLogix processor reads remote I/O inputs and outputs, and data from block transfer reads and writes on the remote I/O network. All remote I/O data is mapped to scheduled inputs in the ControlLogix.

On emulated (active) racks, a ControlLogix processor writes remote I/O inputs and block transfer read data and reads remote I/O outputs and block transfer write data.

The AN-X2-AB-DHRIO module has a web interface for monitoring logs and performing administrative functions. You can communicate with the module using any standard web browser such as Internet Explorer.

The module firmware can be selected and updated using the web interface. Refer to page 57 for details.


The module has:

• two LEDs to indicate the status of the connection to the Ethernet (100 and Link/Act)

• a LED to indicate the module’s internal state and the state of communication with the ControlLogix (SYS)

• a LED to indicate the state of communications on the Remote I/O network (NET)

• an Ethernet connector • a power connector

• a 3-pin Phoenix connector to connect to the remote I/O network

A watchdog timer is implemented in the module’s hardware. If the firmware does not kick the watchdog within the timeout period the watchdog times out and places the module into a safe fatal failure state. A jabber inhibit timer is implemented in the module’s hardware. If the network transmitter is on longer than 150% of the longest network frame time, the transmitter is forced off and the module is placed into a safe fatal failure state.


Package Contents
• AN-X2-AB-DHRIO module
• microSD to SD card adapter
• CD containing software and documentation
• rubber feet for desktop use


PROFIBUS (Process Field Bus) fieldbus is an international standard that is a widely used and open standard protocol established by a European factory automation supplier alliance in 1989. PROFIBUS is a master/slave protocol. The master station establishes a connection to the remote slave station. After the connection is established, the master station sends a PROFIBUS command to the slave station to achieve data and information exchange between the master station and the slave station.

There are different versions of PROFIBUS. The version supported by the PTQ (supporting Schneider Quantum PLC) and MVI (supporting Rockwell ControlLogix PLC) series of PROFIBUS master modules is PROFIBUS DP version 1.0 (V1), which is designed for remote I/O systems, motor control centers, and variable frequency governors.