Signal transmission device description PFSA103C 3BSE002488R1


Material number:PFSA103C 3BSE002488R1
Product brand: ABB

ABB Industrial Systems AB, Stressometer, Signal Transmission Unit
description PFSA103, Manual, Verision 4.0, unpublished document, 1998,

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Signal transmission device description PFSA103C 3BSE002488R1

Signal transmission device description PFSA103C 3BSE002488R1


The manual for the PFSA103 Stressometer Signal Transmission Unit outlines comprehensive specifications for a measuring roll simulator. Here’s a summary of the key requirements and functionalities specified:

  1. Adjustable Measuring Roll Properties:
    • Rotational Speed: Variable speed from 10 RPM to 3000 RPM, with smooth speed changes.
    • Rotational Direction: Selectable direction with smooth transition capability.
    • Wrap Angle: Variable range from 4° to 70°.
    • Slot Angle: Selectable angle limited to 90° – φw.
    • Applied Force: Variable force with a maximum load of 12.5 kN per sensor.
    • Sensor A Offset: Selectable offset between sync pulse and force pulse for sensors in slot A.
    • Zone Activation: Ability to activate and deactivate different zones corresponding to force signals.
  2. Generation of Force Data:
    • Unmodulated force signals to approximate real force signals accurately based on various parameters.
    • Carrier Wave: Generation of a sinusoidal carrier wave at 1953.125 Hz for amplitude modulation.
    • Amplitude Modulation: Amplitude modulation of force signals using the carrier wave.
  3. Generation of Pulse Signals:
    • Generation of pulse signals based on rotational speed and direction, meeting electrical requirements of the BMS pulse signal inputs.
  4. Generation of Re-synchronized System Clock:
    • Transmission of a system clock synchronized with force data for synchronization of DA converters in PFSK187 with AD converters in BMS.
  5. Force DA Controller:
    • Conversion of amplitude-modulated force signals to analog signals using available DA converters at a sampling rate of 31.25 kHz.
  6. Variable Adjustment and Smooth Transitions:
    • Ability to change measuring roll variables during runtime with smooth transitions between different speeds and directions.
  7. Communication Interface:
    • Well-defined communication interface and protocol for easy integration with different FPGA-based architectures, including compatibility with PowerPC and MicroBlaze microprocessors.
  8. Diagnostic Signals:
    • Generation of diagnostic information for the user, including status indications such as simulator roll status, reset status, and rotational speed, using LEDs.
  9. Design Flexibility:
    • Design characteristics facilitating future modifications, including modular components and well-defined interfaces.

This specification ensures the Stressometer Signal Transmission Unit meets the requirements for simulating a measuring roll accurately and efficiently, enabling successful production tests in stressometer cubicles.


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