PFEA112-65 3BSE050091R65 Tension Electronic Equipment abb Control and/or Monitoring


Material number:PFEA112-65 3BSE050091R65
Product brand: ABB

The purpose of the Profibus DP communication in PFEA112 is to provide a high speed
communication link between superior systems and the PFEA112.

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PFEA112-65 3BSE050091R65 Tension Electronic Equipment abb Control and/or Monitoring

PFEA112-65 3BSE050091R65 Tension Electronic Equipment abb Control and/or Monitoring


The provided information outlines the Profibus DP communication protocol used with the PFEA112 tension electronics equipment:

  1. Purpose: Profibus DP communication in the PFEA112 facilitates high-speed communication between superior systems (such as PLCs) and the PFEA112 unit itself. Profibus DP is designed for connecting PLCs to sensors, with “DP” standing for “Distributed Peripherals.”
  2. Physical Interface: The physical interface for Profibus DP communication is RS 485, utilizing a two-wire cable setup.
  3. Transfer Rate: The maximum transfer rate supported by Profibus DP is 12 Mbit/s.
  4. Master-Slave Principle: Profibus DP operates based on a master-slave principle, where the PFEA112 unit functions as a slave device. A Profibus master continuously polls the slave devices, even when no new data is available.
  5. Addressing: Each slave device, including the PFEA112, is assigned an address within the range of 0 to 125.
  6. Type File (GSD File): Profibus requires that information about the message format, communication parameters, and error codes of slave devices be made available in a type file, also known as a GSD file. This file is stored in the Profibus master and verified during start-up to ensure compatibility.
  7. Master-Slave Communication: Communication between the master and slave devices occurs through output and input buffers. The master reads from the input buffer and writes to the output buffer in every scan cycle, while the slave polls the output buffer and updates values in the input buffer accordingly.
  8. Physical Media: The physical properties of the Profibus DP media are specified, including impedance, capacitance, loop resistance, core diameter, and cross-section. Table 3-5 provides details of line parameters, and Table 3-6 specifies the maximum cable lengths per segment based on transmission rate and wire type (A or B).

Overall, Profibus DP communication provides a reliable and efficient means of exchanging data between the PFEA112 unit and superior control systems, facilitating seamless integration into various industrial processes.


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