Tension electronic PFEA111-65 3BSE050090R65 process control equipment


Material number:PFEA111-65 3BSE050090R65
Product brand: ABB

Tension electronics PFEA111-20, PFEA111-65, and PFEA112-20 according to process control equipment standards

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The excerpt you provided outlines the specifications and installation instructions for the tension electronics PFEA111-65 process control equipment and its associated load cells. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  1. Tension Electronics PFEA111 or PFEA112:
    • The PFEA111 is described as a cost-effective, compact, and user-friendly tension electronics unit that provides an accurate and reliable analog SUM signal from two load cells for control and/or monitoring. It features a display capable of showing SUM, individual A & B signals, and their difference.
    • The PFEA112 offers the same functionality as the PFEA111 but includes fieldbus communication via Profibus-DP.
  2. Load Cells:
    • Various types of load cells (PFCL 201, PFCL 301E, PFTL 101, PFTL 201, PFTL 301E, and PFRL 101) are compatible with the tension electronics equipment.
    • These load cells generate signals proportional to the force acting in their measuring direction when force is applied to the roll over which the web is wrapped. These signals are processed and amplified by the tension electronics for use in process control, display, or registration.
  3. Installation Importance:
    • Proper installation significantly influences the functionality, accuracy, and reliability of the measurement system.
    • Following the provided instructions ensures proper mechanical and electrical installation, fulfilling essential requirements for optimal performance.
  4. Safety Instructions:
    • Safety instructions provided in Chapter 1 must be read and followed before starting any installation work. Local statutory regulations take precedence if stricter.
  5. Mounting the Load Cells:
    • Detailed installation requirements and mounting instructions for specific load cell types are provided in appendices B through G.

Overall, the excerpt emphasizes the importance of careful installation to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the tension measurement system, highlighting the need to follow provided instructions and safety guidelines.


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