KUC720AE KUC720AE01 3BHB003431R0101 3BHB000652R0101 Excitation Module


KUC720AE KUC720AE01 3BHB003431R0101 3BHB000652R0101

Material: KUC720AE KUC720AE01 3BHB003431R0101 3BHB000652R0101
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Additional information: KUC720AE KUC720AE01 3BHB003431R0101 3BHB000652R0101 Excitation Module

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KUC720AE KUC720AE01 3BHB003431R0101 3BHB000652R0101 Function and Features
Linear measurement range: 0-120% nominal input
Overload capacity: Through heart input, 30 times nominal input, continuous for 5 seconds; Wiring input, 10 times nominal input, continuous for 5 seconds
Frequency response: 20H7~5KHZ, especially suitable for measuring power frequency signals (50Hz, 400Hz)
Anti interference capability: Protective sensors are suitable for harsh interference environments
Common mode rejection ratio: 60dB (under 50KHz conditions)
Input output isolation capacitance: 50pF (under 1KHz conditions)
Isolation voltage:>3kV/50Hz/1min
Multiple output characteristics and structural forms to choose from
Working environment temperature: -20 ℃~80 ℃
Storage environment temperature: -25 ℃~85 ℃



The design and construction of the rotor are crucial elements in achieving optimal electrical and mechanical performance in motors. Here’s a breakdown of rotor configurations and their characteristics:

Higher Speed Motors (Four and Six Poles):

  • Solid rotors with integrated poles made from a one-piece steel forging are utilized.
  • A solid pole plate is attached to the pole, contributing to good overload capability and low harmonics.
  • This rotor design enhances starting characteristics, providing high starting torque and low starting current.
  • Large cooling surfaces and effective cooling air flow keep the rotor temperature low and uniform, ensuring reliability and long operating life.
  • Coils are class H insulated for additional thermal margins.
  • Rigid rotor construction and minimum distance between bearings keep the motor operating below the first critical speed, minimizing vibration levels.

Lower Speed Motors (Eight or More Poles):

  • Rotors typically have poles manufactured from 2 mm laminated steel sheets.
  • The sheets are pressed together with inserted steel bars, which are welded to the end plates.
  • Poles are secured to the shaft or rotor center by bolts or dovetails.
  • A copper or brass damper winding is often included.
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) is the preferred method for lower speed motors after winding, ensuring excellent insulation and mechanical strength.
  • The complete rotor assembly undergoes dynamic balance checks after impregnation.

Permanent Magnet Poles:

  • Certain variable speed applications use permanent magnet poles.
  • Permanent magnet rotors are straightforward in construction and do not require an excitation system.
  • High pole numbers can be used in low-speed applications when necessary.

In summary, rotor design varies based on motor speed requirements, with solid rotors preferred for higher speeds and laminated steel sheet rotors for lower speeds. Permanent magnet rotors offer simplicity and efficiency in certain applications. Regardless of the type, rotor construction aims to optimize performance, reliability, and efficiency for specific motor applications.

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