KSD211B 3BHE022455R1101 Power Input Coupling Module


KSD211B 3BHE022455R1101

Material: KSD211B 3BHE022455R1101
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Additional information: KSD211B 3BHE022455R1101 Power Input Coupling Module

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KSD211B 3BHE022455R1101 Power Input Coupling Module


KSD211B 3BHE022455R1101 Description:
(Collaborate with various liquid level sensors to measure and display liquid levels, and calculate and display liquid volume or mass based on the set container structure, size, and liquid density)
① External dimensions: 160 x 80 (horizontal/vertical), 96 x 96, 96 x 48, 318 x 104
② Instrument power supply: 220V AC, (9-30) V DC
Basic configuration:
Double digit display
Extended features:
① Add digital display (excluding 96×48 size)
② Measurement value light column display (excluding 96 × 48 size)
③ Alarm output: 160 x 80, 96 x 96 size can add up to 4 points, 96 x 48 size can add up to 2 points
④ Transmission output:
⑤ External ordinary power supply/external precision power supply
⑥ Communication interface: RS 485 or RS 232
⑦ Printer interface (excluding printer unit)


KSD211B 3BHE022455R1101 Power Input Coupling Module


The provided information outlines important considerations and corrections to be applied to circuit breakers based on altitude and environmental factors. Here’s a summary:

Altitude Corrections:

  • Up to 2000 m (6600 ft) above sea level, the circuit breaker maintains its rated operating characteristics without correction.
  • Beyond 2000 m, reductions in dielectric strength and cooling capacity of the air must be considered.
  • Corrections expressed as a percentage to be applied to parameters at different altitudes:
    • Rated service voltage (Ue): 100% at sea level, 88% at 3000 m, 78% at 4000 m, 68% at 5000 m.
    • Rated current (at 40°C): 100% at sea level, 98% at 3000 m, 93% at 4000 m, 90% at 5000 m.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC):

  • Industrial installations may introduce electromagnetic interference into the electrical system.
  • SACE Emax 2 circuit breakers are developed and tested in an EMC environment according to IEC 60947-2, Annex J and F.

Storage Environment:

  • Store the circuit breaker in a dry, dust-free environment free of harsh chemicals.
  • Ambient temperature for storage:
    • Circuit breaker in original packaging, without protection release or Ekip Dip release: between -40°C and +85°C (-40°F and +185°F).
    • Circuit breaker in original packaging, with Ekip Touch protection release: between -30°C and +85°C (-22°F and +185°F).
  • Note: Storage conditions may differ from usage conditions.

These guidelines ensure the proper functioning and longevity of the circuit breaker, taking into account altitude-related effects, electromagnetic compatibility, and storage conditions.


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