IW93-2 HESG440356R1 HESG216678/B system control module


IW93-2 HESG440356R1 HESG216678/B

Material: IW93-2 HESG440356R1 HESG216678/B
Support: Hot swappable
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Size: Factory standard
Weight: 1KG
Warranty: 365 days

Additional information: IW93-2 HESG440356R1 HESG216678/B system control module

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IW93-2 HESG440356R1 HESG216678/B system control module


IW93-2 HESG440356R1 HESG216678/B Technical parameters:
◆ Power supply: DC 24V (18V-30V)
◆ Power consumption: maximum 10 watts
◆ Working temperature: -5 ℃ to 45 ℃ (23 ° F to 117 ° F)
◆ Humidity: ≤ 90% relative humidity (without condensate)
Display range: 100-900000
Display scale spacing: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 50
◆ Output sensitivity: 0.5 μ V/grid~200 μ/ grid

It seems like you’ve provided a list of relays and protection devices from BBC (Brown, Boveri & Cie), an electrical engineering company. Each entry consists of a designation code followed by a description.

Here’s a breakdown of some entries:

  • IT94-3: Static DMT relay.
  • ITX: Static Directional Earth-Fault Relay.
  • IUX159: Static Voltage Controlled Overcurrent relay.
  • IWX161a-1: Static Earth-Fault Protection relay.
  • L3wxbS: Electromechanical Distance Protection relay.
  • L3wxe/wxk: Electromechanical Distance Protection relay.
  • L6: Electromechanical Distance Protection relay.
  • L8a: Electromechanical Distance Protection relay.
  • LD91-F: Static Differential Protection Relay.
  • LH1C: Electromechanical relay.
  • LI41: Electromechanical Distance Protection relay.
  • LIZ613deu: Static Distance Protection relay.
  • LPX 10: Static Directional Earth-Fault Relay.
  • LR91: Static Differential Protection Relay.
  • LZ3: Electromechanical Distance Protection relay.
  • LZ91: Static Distance Protection relay.
  • LZ92: Static Distance Protection relay.
  • LZ95: Static Distance Protection relay.
  • LZ96: Static Distance Protection relay.

Each of these relays and protection devices serves specific functions in electrical systems, such as detecting faults, protecting equipment, and ensuring the stability and reliability of the power network.


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