IMDSI14 Process BRC400 BRC300 Bus Adapter



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Additional information: IMDSI14 Process BRC400 BRC300 Bus Adapter

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IMDSI14 Process BRC400 BRC300 Bus Adapter


IMDSI14 technical parameters:
Working power supply: DC11-33V (AC15-24V)
Working humidity: less than 90% relative humidity
Accuracy: Resolution ≥ 65000 divisions
Linearity: ≤ 0.003%
Temperature coefficient: ± 25ppm/℃
Output: (ripple ≤ 5mvpp)
Sensor type: All resistance strain force sensors or 0-30mV signal conversion
Sensor excitation: Provides DC 10 V ± 2%, maximum power supply of 120 mA
First DC voltage output: 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V
Second current output: 0-10mA, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
Zero adjustable range: 0-20mV
Range adjustable: 2-30V

IMDSI14 Digital Output Module Overview

The IMDSI14 Digital Output module (DSO) is designed to output 16 digital signals from the INFI 90 OPEN system for controlling processes. It serves as an interface between the process and the INFI 90 OPEN Strategic Process Management System, providing digital switching (ON or OFF) for field devices. Control modules handle control functions, while I/O modules manage input/output functions.

Intended Users: This instruction manual targets engineers, technicians, and system designers seeking technical information about the IMDSI14 digital output modules. Users should possess experience with and knowledge of AC/DC power precautions and familiarity with the INFI 90 OPEN system and electronic principles.

Module Description: The DSO module comprises a single printed circuit board occupying one slot in a module mounting unit (MMU). It outputs 16 distinct digital signals through solid-state circuits on the PCB. Twelve outputs are isolated from each other, while the remaining two pairs share common positive output lines.

Two captive screws on the faceplate secure the module to the MMU. The upper two front-panel LEDs (red and green) indicate the module’s operating status. The 16 lower front-panel LEDs (group A and group B) display the output states (ON or OFF) of the module.

The DSO module features three card-edge connectors for external signals and power (P1, P2, and P3). P1 connects to logic power (+5 VDC) driving the module circuits. P2 links the module to the I/O expander bus for communication with a control module. P3 outputs the digital signals via a cable connected to a termination unit (TU) or termination module (TM). The terminal blocks for field wiring are located on the TU or TM.

This module facilitates efficient control and management of processes within the INFI 90 OPEN system, providing reliable digital switching capabilities for field devices.


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