ABB IBA 940143201 CPU board control


IBA 940143201

Material: IBA 940143201
Support: Hot swappable
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Warranty: 365 days

Additional information: ABB IBA 940143201 CPU board control

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ABB IBA 940143201 CPU board control


IBA 940143201 [Specification indicators]
(1) Automatically screen and sort gun bullets, including bullet length and weight;
(2) Can classify and output four types of warheads: length unqualified, weight below the qualified range, weight above the qualified range, and qualified. In addition, for qualified high-precision bullets, they can be output in three levels with a 0.3g step. Can count various types of warheads, calculate product qualification rate, length non conformity rate, and weight non conformity rate;
(3) Weighing measurement error: ≤ 0.01g
(4) Screening and sorting efficiency: 80 pieces/minute
(5) Number of workstations: single workstation
(6) Length measurement error: ≤ 10 μ M.
(7) Equipment explosion-proof level: IIB T4
(8) Electrostatic protection

Analog Input Board, IBA

The IBA is an analog input board featuring eight inputs. It can be utilized independently or in conjunction with associated units such as for galvanic separation (MCVG), differential input (MCV200), temperature measurements (MP, MN), or resistance measurements (MR). When used without associated units, the following inputs can be connected: 0–20 mA, 4–20 mA, 0–10 V, 0–5 V, and 1–5 V. Each channel is individually selectable.


  • Boards can be replaced during operation.
  • Offers high flexibility.
  • Provides very high reproducibility.
  • Exhibits high temperature stability.

Indications: LEDs are situated on the front panel to indicate individual current signals. Each input utilizing the LED input (current) is represented by a LED on the front panel, with the intensity varying according to the input signal value. The octal address of each input is displayed by the respective LED.

Switch: By default, the switch on the front panel should be set to position “I”. However, during board installation or replacement, the switch must be set to position “0”.

Jumpers: There are two types of jumpers on the board:

  1. Moveable Jumpers: These can be altered by moving the jumper or link using pliers or tweezers.
  2. Cuttable Jumpers: These are modified by cutting them. Note: Instructions for jumpers are applicable only to CE marked IBA boards.


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