GFD233A 3BHE022294R0103 module industrial


GFD233A 3BHE022294R0103

Material: GFD233A 3BHE022294R0103
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Additional information: GFD233A 3BHE022294R0103 module industrial

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GFD233A 3BHE022294R0103 module industrial


The GFD233A 3BHE022294R0103 relay is equipped with various inputs and outputs for current measurement, testing, and signaling. Here are the key points regarding its functionality and commissioning:

  1. Current Measurement Inputs:
    • The relay has three analog phase measuring inputs for currents from phases L1, L2, and L3.
    • Additional earth current measuring input is available for connection of a core balance current transformer (CBCT).
  2. Test Windings and Test Sockets:
    • Special CTs for the relay have test windings to simulate primary current.
    • Test sockets are provided on the relay for injecting current into the test windings of CTs, facilitating testing of the complete protection scheme.
  3. Signal Outputs:
    • Signal outputs are provided to communicate trip status to an external system.
    • Low-energy impulse-type trip output is available for tripping the circuit breaker.
  4. GFD233A 3BHE022294R0103 LED Indications and Manual Resettable Flag:
    • LED indications for unit ready and relay internal fault are available on the front of the relay.
    • Phase and earth overcurrent fault indications are provided through a manually resettable mechanical flag, ensuring relay operation indication even without primary CT current.
  5. GFD233A 3BHE022294R0103 Important Considerations for Wiring and Operation:
    • Winding terminals of the measuring winding of CT should not be earthed; earthing is done internally and brought out at the earth terminal.
    • The secondary side of the test winding should always be kept open, except during relay testing.
    • Proper polarity of tripping coil wiring (TC(+) and TC(-)) needs to be ensured for correct tripping operation.
  6. Commissioning:
    • During commissioning, users should familiarize themselves with the method of applying settings, which can be done using DIP switches.
    • The customer is responsible for determining application-specific settings and testing any scheme logic applied by external wiring.
  7. Minimum Equipment Required for Commissioning:
    • Current injection test set
    • Multimeter with suitable AC current range
    • Multimeter capable of recording the maximum value of DC voltage (for DC amplitude of pulse tripping measuring)
    • Continuity tester
  8. Pre-Commissioning Checks:
    • Visual inspection
    • Wiring checking
    • Insulation resistance checking

These points ensure proper installation, testing, and commissioning of the relay for effective protection within the distribution network.

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