ABB DSTA 001A 3BSE015195R1 Hardware control components


Part Number:DSTA 001A 3BSE015195R1

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Notice that, unlike the Signals Tool, parameters that are not visible because of the Parameters

View selection or a closed group are processed when entering ONLINE mode and copying sets.

When switching to ONLINE mode, a process called ‘Synchronisation’ is applied. Synchronisation makes

sure that the values in the ASTAT Tool and the ASTAT Hardware are identical. As there are different

ways of synchronising, the user is presented with the Synchronisation dialog (see figure below).

The ‘Live Parameter Set’ box lists four parameter sets. The group currently active in the ASTAT

Hardware will be pre-selected. User may change the current group by clicking in the list box.

ASTAT Tool will then temporarily take over the control of the group selection that is otherwise con

trolled by the hardware. The control will be returned to ASTAT Hardware when going OFFLINE.

‘Live Parameter Set’ is the only set of parameters that can be edited while being in the ONLINE

mode. This set is distinguished from other sets by a different colour.

The Synchronisation dialog offers two distinct methods of synchronisation:

Send to ASTAT

Local parameter values are sent to the ASTAT Hardware. Use this when you want to apply the pa

rameter configuration of the current project to the connected Hardware. NOTE! Make sure that the

ASTAT is not running any motions when using ‘Send To ASTAT’.

Receive from ASTAT

Parameter values will be received from the ASTAT Hardware and stored in the parameter configura

tion of the current project.

The changes made in the ONLINE mode (i.e. after the synchronisation has been performed) are

NOT stored into the Flash memory of the ASTAT Hardware unless the user chooses to do so when

going OFFLINE).

Warning: ABB does not guarantee that the parameter setting ex works in the ASTAT controllers is

the same as Normal values for visible and not visible parameters. Of this reason, when receiving a

brand new ASTAT controller, the first parameter transfer shall be Send To ASTAT.


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