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This tab handles the behaviour of the Tool during the start-up sequence.

The ’Auto-open’ group box allows users to define which (if any) of the available tools should be auto

matically opened at start-up.

If ‘Auto-arrange Windows’ is enabled ASTAT Tool performs a vertical tiling of Tool windows on start up

and when a new Tool window has been created.

The “Start up procedures” group box has two toggles:

Show Open-Wizard at start-up

The Open-Wizard is a simple popup dialog during the start-up which allows users to perform a few com

mon tasks directly at the start-up.

Always open last project

When this is enabled the Tool will automatically open (if found) the last project that the user has been

working on. Checking this preference overrides the Open-Wizard.

The topmost group box features preferences specific to the Parameters Tool and its behaviour.

The following toggles are available:

Auto-expand parameter groups

When set, opening the Parameters Tool will automatically expand (open) all parameter groups.

Use numeric-values ONLY (no type-sensitive editors)

When set, the values of the parameters will be represented with numbers only. When reset, the Tool will

differentiate between different types of parameters (such as multiple-choice parameters and integer pa

rameters) and use text instead of numbers where applicable.

The down most radio-buttons control the behaviour of the parameter editor after a value has been en

tered. The editor will stay in the same field, jump down to next parameter or jump right to the next stop

and then jump down to the first set in the next parameter.


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