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Use this dialog box to set up the communication port and transfer speed. The communication port

is the physical connection to the ASTAT hardware. The speed must be the same as configured in

the ASTAT hardware.

Note on speed: For ASTAT parameter configuration dumping, the speed is not critical as relatively

small amounts of data are transferred. However, for monitoring purposes, especially when moni

toring multiple signals, try setting the speed as high as possible because lower speeds introduce

more delay and less timing accuracy.

The ‘Test configuration’ button forces Tool to retest the currently selected configuration.

Upon exit by pressing the ‘OK’ button the Tool will re-identify the network and search the selected

port for connected hardware and configured motion(s).

Note: As of Release 4, Tool automatically saves the selected communication settings to its con

figuration file upon exit.

The main part of the Parameters window is the parameter-table. Edit the table to configure the pa

rameters of the ASTAT project.

Each configuration has four parameter sets. By toggling the SET-buttons shown into the control

panel of the Parameters window, user can choose which sets of parameters are shown on the

screen. Users can also toggle whether or not the parameter units and minimum/maximum values

are shown.

Each parameter belongs to a Parameter Group. Each group is represented by a number and a name.

Parameter Groups are opened and closed by double-clicking the group name or selecting a Parameter

Group with the cursor pressing <SPACE>.

For parameters the Tool includes different Parameters Views. All the parameters are listed in the Man

ual together with information regarding the View they belong to.

Start Up View

A restricted number of parameters that by experience are the most important for Start Up.

Design View:

Shows parameters belonging to the Start Up class and belonging to the Design class.

Special View:

Shows parameters belonging to the Start Up class, belonging to the Design class and belonging to the

Special class.

Views are selected by the drop down button in the upper left corner of the Parameters Tool window.

Next to the Parameters Views button is the Release Version button. The caption of the button shows

the Release Version of the current project. If this does not equal the latest version a drop down menu

can be selected allowing conversion to a higher release version. When converting, ASTAT Tool scans

the project to remove parameters not used in the new release version and add new parameters. Added

parameters are set to their default values.

Notice that while you can convert the project from Release X to Release X + n, the opposite is prohibited

by ASTAT Tool. This limitation is implemented because of the way the parameter lists are evolved in the

ASTAT Hardware.

When a group is open, it will show the parameters belonging to the group. A group and parameter

number and an 8-character long identifier represent each parameter. Most of the parameters have

a short description, which is shown in a description text box placed in the lower tool bar of the pa

rameter window.

Some of the parameters also have a short Help text attached. Pressing F1 shows the help. This

opens the Parameter Help window as shown below.


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