ABB DSQC 1018 3HAC050363-001 Process Object Control Board


Part Number:DSQC 1018 3HAC050363-001

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For system security, access to objects and specific functions can be placed under key lock
protection. Refer to Section 2.1.7, Bypass Management
• Process Sectioning and authorization allows the safety systems to be placed in separate
process sections. Individual objects (for example an input or output) are assigned a section
number. Access to systems are defined on a workstation basis as None, Inspect or Control
towards each section. The function is key lock or password protected. This function is
included in the optional AdvaCommand Process Sectioning
• When displays are designed each point is given a dialog. ‘Dialogs are built in three forms.
None, operator and maintenance. An operator dialog allows access for normal operation
only, while a maintenance dialog allows full control. The maintenance dialog is key lock or
password protected. A pre-defined set is included in the product, but as the dialog editor
(option) allows design of custom dialogs, they can be adapted to individual requirements.
The AdvaBuild Display Builder will present these functions along with the basic functions (that
is in the presentation element list), the difference lies in which displays that are defined for a fire
& gas or shutdown system, rather than how they are built and operated.

The operator interacts with the automation system using either the mouse/track-ball, the operator keyboard or a combination of both. The moment a process object has been selected for control, exclusive access is guaranteed and no other operator can interact.
The AdvaCommand User Interface supports different user categories by offering several dialog
styles, which are adapted to the different users and their needs, for example menus for configuration and dynamic function keys for process control.


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