ABB CI855-1 Fieldbus communication interface module



ABB CI855-1 is a module spare for programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or distributed control systems (DCS).

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ABB CI855-1 Fieldbus communication interface module


ABB CI855-1 is a module spare for programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or distributed control systems (DCS). PLC and DCS are widely used in the field of industrial automation to control various industrial processes and machinery equipment. These systems are capable of receiving input signals, performing logical operations, and generating output signals to control the actuator, thereby achieving automated control.


Regarding the specific functions and characteristics of ABB CI855-1, it may have the following common characteristics of PLC or DCS modules:

Programming flexibility: The CI855-1 module supports multiple programming languages, such as Ladder Diagram, Instruction List, and Function Block Diagram, allowing users to program according to specific application requirements.

Input/Output Interface: This module provides various digital and analog input/output interfaces for connecting peripheral devices such as sensors, actuators, switches, etc., in order to achieve monitoring and control of industrial processes.

Communication capability: CI855-1 may support multiple communication protocols and standards, such as Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, etc., for data exchange and communication with other control systems, human-machine interfaces (HMI), or upper computers.

Reliability and Stability: As a well-known provider of industrial automation solutions, ABB’s PLC and DCS modules usually have excellent reliability and stability, can adapt to harsh industrial environments, and operate stably for a long time.

Please note that specific functions and features may vary depending on product version and updates. In order to obtain the latest and most accurate information on ABB CI855-1 module, including technical specifications, prices, application cases, etc., it is recommended to directly contact ABB’s official channels or consult relevant technical documents.

In addition, if you plan to purchase or use this module, please be sure to follow the relevant installation, operation, and maintenance specifications to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life.




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