AV94A HESG440940R11 HESG216791/A module grouping.


AV94A HESG440940R11 HESG216791/A

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AV94A HESG440940R11 HESG216791/A module grouping.


AV94A HESG440940R11 HESG216791/A All devices are connected in a bus structure (“line”).
A maximum of 32 workstations (master or slave) can be linked to create a “segment”. Each end of the segment must be terminated by an active bus terminating resistor. The two bus terminals must always be powered on to ensure fault free operation, so it is strongly recommended to connect them to a backup power source.

A maximum of three line bus amplifiers (repeaters) can be used to expand the network to a total of four segments, allowing for the installation of up to 125 devices in the system.

The maximum cable length of a cable segment is determined by the transmission speed.
AV94A HESG440940R11 HESG216791/A Repeaters can be used to extend the specified cable length, but it is recommended that no more than three relays be connected in series.
The cable length in cable specification table 2.1 refers to the following cable types: suitable Profibus cables, part numbers PCA010, PCA 011, and PCA 012, which can be obtained from ABB. Please refer to data sheets 10/63-6.46 EN.
Device Integration – GSD File Profibus devices vary in terms of available functions and parameters, and these functions and parameters vary depending on device type and manufacturer. In order to obtain the plug and play configuration of Profibus, characteristic device communication functions such as manufacturer name, device name, hardware/software version, baud rate, and the quantity and nature of input/output are defined in an electronic device data table called GSD (Ger ä testamdaten) file.

GSD files are readable ASCII text files that contain general communication specifications and device specific specifications. Each entry describes the features supported by the device. By using keywords, the configuration tool reads device identification, adjustable parameters, corresponding data types, and allowable limits for device configuration from GSD. Some keywords are mandatory, such as VendorName; Other options are optional, such as Sync-Mode_spported. The GSD file (ABB0AD4_1001. GSD) of the AV400 series monitor with Profibus enabled complies with the Profibus standard. Appendix A lists all AV400 series monitors that support Profibus, grouped by module.




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