5SHY4045L0004 3BHB021400R0002 800xA system spare parts


5SHY4045L0004 3BHB021400R0002 SSCB allows interrupting fault currents faster than traditional electro-mechanical breakers (100 times faster).

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5SHY4045L0004 3BHB021400R0002 800xA system spare parts


The provided text discusses the gate unit reliability and outlines the goals and developments in high-voltage Insulated Gate Commutated Thyristors (IGCTs) and companion Fast Recovery Diodes (FRDs) for high-power applications. Here are the key points:

Gate Unit Reliability and Aging:

  1. Gate Circuit Components:
    • The turn-off circuit of the IGCT gate unit consists of parallel-connected electrolytic capacitors (voltage source) and parallel-operated MOSFETs to connect the gate to the cathode.
  2. Aging Considerations:
    • Aging of electrolytic capacitors (increased impedance due to dry-out of electrolytes) is considered in the design by redundancy.
    • Analyzed IGCTs after 15 years of field operation showed no degradation of the gate circuit impedance.
    • Field returns did not show device failure due to breakdown of an electrolytic capacitor or MOSFET in the turn-off circuit.

Development Goals:

  1. High Voltage IGCTs & FRDs:
    • Develop high-voltage IGCTs and companion FRDs for high-power applications (10-15 MW+).
    • Targeted applications include offshore wind and pulse power.
  2. Device Specifications:
    • Targeting 10kV devices.
    • IGCTs and FRDs with 85mm pole piece in L-package diode.
    • IGCTs with 5.3kV, 2kA, 125°C SOA (Safe Operating Area) and soft reverse recovery.
    • RC-IGCT (for >10MW) and A-IGCT (for >15MW) are mentioned.
  3. FRD Platform Improvement:
    • Improvement program for an existing FRD platform, adding a large-sized product.
    • New generation companion diode for next-gen3 asymmetric IGCT allows full utilization of IGCT.
    • New large-size FRD used in HVDC/DC breaker as a free-wheeling diode.
    • Samples available in Q2/2021.
  4. Performance Optimization:
    • Designed and optimized for extreme low conduction losses and highest turn-off current capability (up to 6kA).
    • Record low on-state losses below 1 kW at 1 kA, enabling applications with the highest efficiency ratings.
    • Optimized for DC Solid State Circuit Breaker (SSCB) applications.
  5. Application in SSCB:
    • SSCB allows interrupting fault currents faster than traditional electro-mechanical breakers (100 times faster).
  6. Availability:
    • Samples of the new FRD platform are available now.


The text outlines ongoing developments and goals in the field of high-voltage IGCTs and companion FRDs, emphasizing reliability, aging considerations, and the optimization of performance parameters for specific applications. If you have further questions or need more details on specific aspects, feel free to ask.

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