5SHY35L4510 thyristor module order number 3BHE014105R0001 5XSE02-138


5SHY35L4510 3BHE014105R0001 5XSE02-138

Brand: ABB
Product Name: Controllable Silicon
PCT: Phase controlled thyristor
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5SHY35L4510 thyristor module order number 3BHE014105R0001 5XSE02-138


Customer Technology and Application Support

For most applications, ABB Semiconductors provides explicit data sheets that offer sufficient information to design powerful and competitive application circuits. However, in certain cases, especially for customer projects involving revised or new circuit concepts, a different set of thyristor parameters may be desirable. This could involve considerations beyond the trade-off between conduction and switching losses.

Adapted Standard Products

  • Similar to standard PCT thyristors, adapted standard products can be produced during the development of new circuit technologies and concepts.

Specific Device Data and Relationships

  • For new circuit technologies, specific device data and relationships that cannot be obtained from data sheets may be required.
  • ABB Semiconductors offers support and advice on efficiently utilizing and controlling semiconductor devices in new circuits.

ABB Semiconductors’ Expertise and Support

  • Experience:
    • ABB Semiconductors has a wealth of experience in various areas such as power loss calculations, temperature calculations under transient conditions, and gate driving.
  • Tools:
    • Powerful and versatile tools are available for application-oriented simulations of device behavior and for conducting special application-oriented tests on semiconductor devices.

Support Areas:

  • Power Loss Calculations
  • Temperature Calculations under Transient Conditions
  • Gate Driving

How to Access Support:

  • Customers in need of information or support in the mentioned areas are encouraged to contact ABB Semiconductors’ sales organization or their nearest ABB Semiconductors agent.


  • PCT: Phase Control Thyristor.

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