5SHY3545L0014 3BHE019719R0101 Thyristor (IGCT)


5SHY3545L0014 3BHE019719R0101

  • The BCT provides the advantage of having two thyristors integrated into one package.
  • Enables more compact equipment design.
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5SHY3545L0014 3BHE019719R0101 Thyristor (IGCT)


The Bi-Directional Control Thyristor (BCT) is introduced as a unique device that offers the customer several advantages due to its dual thyristor design. The following key points highlight the characteristics and design criteria of the BCT:

Advantages of BCT:

  1. Compact Design:
    • The BCT provides the advantage of having two thyristors integrated into one package.
    • Enables more compact equipment design.
  2. Simplified Cooling System:
    • The dual thyristor design simplifies the cooling system of the equipment.
  3. Increased System Reliability:
    • BCT contributes to increased system reliability.

Compatibility with PCT Range:

  • The success of BCT technology is attributed to its compatibility in process and design with ABB’s well-established Phase Control Thyristor (PCT) range.

Reliability Features:

  • Reliability is ensured through well-proven negative bevel junction termination and free-floating silicon technologies.

BCT Design Criteria:

  1. Electrical Behavior:
    • The electrical behavior of a BCT corresponds to that of two anti-parallel thyristors, each with an approximate area of 27 cm² for the 96mm wafer diameter.
    • Each thyristor-half performs similarly to the corresponding full-wafer thyristor in terms of static and dynamic properties.
    • Fig. 3.1 shows a schematic cross-section of a BCT wafer with A and B thyristor-halves, defining the two forward voltage directions VA(t) and VB(t).
  2. Crosstalk Challenge:
    • A major challenge in the integration of the two thyristor-halves is crosstalk between them.
    • The photomask set is designed to minimize harmful crosstalk effects under all relevant operating conditions.
  3. Electrical Performance Uniformity:
    • Electrical performance exhibits high uniformity between the two halves in device parameters such as reverse recovery charge and on-state voltage.
    • Figure 3.2 compares the spread in (Q) for the A thyristor-halves against the spread for the B thyristor-halves for 33 devices with a fixed on-state voltage.
    • Figure 3.3 shows leakage current distributions at 4400 V and 110°C.


  • Figures 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 provide graphical representations supporting the design criteria and electrical performance of the BCT.

In summary, the BCT is designed to bring unique advantages to customers by integrating two thyristors into one package, resulting in a more compact design, simplified cooling, and increased system reliability. Its compatibility with ABB’s PCT range, along with well-established reliability features, makes it a promising component for various applications. The design criteria ensure electrical performance uniformity and address challenges like crosstalk between the integrated thyristor-halves.

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