ABB 5SHY3545L0009 3BHB013085R0001 3BHE009681R0101 GVC750BE101


5SHY3545L0009 3BHB013085R0001 3BHE009681R0101 GVC750BE101

  • SEMIS 5SHY3545L0009 is a web application used to assess high-power semiconductors based on considerations of thermal losses and device utilization.
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ABB 5SHY3545L0009 3BHB013085R0001 3BHE009681R0101 GVC750BE101


The provided information describes ABB’s 5SHY3545L0009 semiconductor simulation tool, SEMIS, which is a sophisticated web application designed for evaluating the optimal choice of high-power semiconductors. Here are key points from the passage:

  1. Purpose of SEMIS 5SHY3545L0009:
    • SEMIS 5SHY3545L0009 is a web application used to assess high-power semiconductors based on considerations of thermal losses and device utilization.
  2. Functionality:
    • Users can select topology and define relevant circuit parameters within SEMIS.
    • The tool performs an analysis of various system dependencies and evaluates thermal conditions to verify semiconductor device capabilities.
  3. Analysis and Evaluation:
    • SEMIS provides graphical and numerical representations of simulation results, including current, voltage, power, and temperatures based on selected topology and settings.
    • Steady-state analysis is used to evaluate temperature development, enabling the identification of the most influencing components.
  4. Flexibility and Optimization:
    • The tool allows a flexible variation of semiconductor devices, facilitating optimization of the cost/benefit ratio.
    • Output graphs indicate relevant parameters, and numerical results provide information about power losses and junction temperatures.
  5. User-Friendly Interface:
    • SEMIS is designed to be straightforward to use and caters to both initiates and experts.
    • Users start by selecting the circuit of interest and entering specific parameters, setting boundary conditions, and selecting suitable semiconductors.
  6. Simulation Process:
    • The simulator calculates on-state and dynamic power losses as well as thermal variations within the circuit using Jacobian analysis.
    • Alert messages are generated if there is an excess of permissible thermal limits to ensure safe operation.
  7. Results Presentation:
    • Detailed results are presented in a table, including electrical losses and system efficiency, illustrating the influence of the semiconductor on overall energy efficiency.
  8. Cooling System Requirements:
    • The thermal conditions combined with power loss information obtained from SEMIS 5SHY3545L0009 enable the definition of cooling system requirements.
  9. PLECS Simulation Software Integration:
    • SEMIS 5SHY3545L0009 is based on the PLECS simulation software, and the device’s thermal models in XML format are available for download from ABB’s website.
    • PLECS users can use these thermal models to simulate ABB products based on the manufacturer’s data.
  10. Advanced Simulation Support:
    • For simulations exceeding the capabilities of SEMIS or for higher complexity, users are encouraged to contact ABB for further support.

In summary, SEMIS serves as a powerful tool for semiconductor analysis, offering a user-friendly interface, flexibility in device selection, and detailed results for optimizing semiconductor choices in high-power applications.



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