5SHX08F4502 3BHB003387R0101 IGBT thyristor frequency converter


5SHX08F4502 3BHB003387R0101

  • Charge Voltage: 4.4 kV
  • Nominal Operating Current: 1850A
  • Peak Switch-Off Current: 3700A
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The pulse modulator switch employs IGCT 5SHX08F4502 3BHB003387R0101 (Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor) technology, specifically designed to operate as an on-off switch at a nominal current of approximately 1850A. The key features and details of the IGCT technology and its application in the described switch are outlined as follows:

  1. Switching Characteristics:
    • The devices are designed to operate as on-off switches at a nominal current of about 1850A.
    • In case of arcing in the Klystron, the switch must swiftly and effectively switch off an increasing current to prevent damage to the tube.
  2. IGCT 5SHX08F4502 3BHB003387R0101 Technology:
    • IGCT is essentially a hard-driven GTO (Gate Turn-Off Thyristor) with an onboard driver unit and a very low inductance gate path.
    • The decision to use a 91 mm silicon wafer is driven by the relatively high current requirements of the application.
  3. IGCT 5SHX08F4502 3BHB003387R0101 Varieties by ABB:
    • ABB offers a variety of IGCT devices with wafer sizes ranging from 38 mm to 91 mm.
    • Different versions include Asymmetric Blocking devices, Reverse Blocking devices, and Reverse Conducting devices.
    • The Reverse Conducting devices, with a monolithic integrated freewheeling diode, are used in the presented switch.
  4. Main Capacitor (C) Characteristics:
    • Charge Voltage: 4.4 kV
    • Nominal Operating Current: 1850A
    • Peak Switch-Off Current: 3700A

  1. DC Withstand Ability:
    • By connecting 3 devices in series, the switch achieves a total DC withstand ability of 8400Vdc.
    • Continuous operation at 5600Vdc is reliable due to this series connection.
  2. IGCT 5SHX08F4502 3BHB003387R0101 Driver Units:
    • The IGCT driver units are powered by a closed-loop 8A/25kHz current source power supply.
    • This power supply feeds the input transformers of the inductive coupling at the driver unit.
  3. Isolation and Circuit Diagram:
    • Isolation between individual driver levels is achieved through the isolation value of the HV cable sloped through the input transformers.
    • Figure 4 illustrates the circuit diagram of the IGCT switch, including power supply and the trigger box.

The design intricacies, such as the use of IGCT technology, series connection for increased reliability, and specific voltage and current ratings, highlight the tailored approach to address the demanding requirements of the pulse modulator switch for the linear particle beam accelerator at CERN.