5SHX0845F0001 3BHL000385P0101 Semiconductor Device


5SHX0845F0001 3BHL000385P0101

  • Voltage Rating: 4.4 kVdc
  • Peak Current: 1850 A
  • Pulse Duration: 2 ms
  • Repetition Rate: 2 Hz
  • Fault Conditions: Can turn off 3700 A
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5SHX0845F0001 3BHL000385P0101 Semiconductor Device

This paper presents the development and characterization of a fully controllable solid-state on-off switch based on Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor (IGCT) technology. The switch is specifically designed for applications in linear particle beam accelerators, notably in driving long-pulse Klystron Modulators. The key specifications and features of the described switch are detailed below:

  1. IGCT-Technology: The switch utilizes Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor (IGCT) technology, a type of thyristor with integrated gate control for efficient switching.
  2. Application: The switch is commonly employed in linear particle beam accelerators and has demonstrated successful operation in various Institutes and National Laboratories.
  3. Performance Ratings:
    • Voltage Rating: 4.4 kVdc
    • Peak Current: 1850 A
    • Pulse Duration: 2 ms
    • Repetition Rate: 2 Hz
    • Fault Conditions: Can turn off 3700 A

5SHX0845F0001 3BHL000385P0101 Semiconductor Device



The described solid-state switch was specifically designed and optimized for a crucial application in a long-pulse klystron modulator utilized in a linear beam accelerator at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. The following specifications outline the key characteristics of the IGCT switch:

  1. Application:
    • The switch is designed for continuous use in a Klystron modulator for a linear particle beam accelerator, specifically driving two Klystrons in parallel.
  2. Turn-Off Safety:
    • Ensures safe turn-off in case of arcing in the tube, addressing the critical aspect of operation.
  3. Design Choice:
    • To address the need for a safe turn-off without the complexity of a high-voltage solid-state switch, the end user opted for an optimized solution.
    • The chosen solution involves a medium voltage switch and a step-up pulse transformer.
  4. Table 1 – Main Switch Data:
    • Charge Voltage (Vdc): 4.4 kV
    • Max. Peak Voltage: 9.0 kV
    • Rated Turn-Off Current: 1850 A
    • Max. Turn-Off Current: 3700 A
    • Pulse Width (Typical): 2 ms
    • Pulse Width (Maximum): 2.3 ms
    • Pulse Repetition Rate: 2 Hz
    • Max. Stray Inductance: 3 µH
    • Ambient Temperature Range: 5 … 40°C
    • Cooling Method: Convection Air
  5. Operating Conditions:
    • The switch is intended for continuous operation in an ambient temperature range of 5 to 40°C.
  6. Cooling Method:
    • Convection air cooling is employed, allowing for efficient heat dissipation during operation.

5SHX0845F0001 3BHL000385P0101 Semiconductor Device


The described specifications highlight the tailored design of the solid-state switch to meet the specific requirements of the linear particle beam accelerator at CERN. The emphasis on safety, turn-off reliability, and the chosen design approach underscore the thoughtful consideration given to the unique demands of the application.