5SGY4045L0001 3BHB030310R0001 IGCT High Voltage Control Spare Parts


5SGY4045L0001 3BHB030310R0001
Manufacturer: ABB
Serial ports: 4
Network ports: 7
Port isolation: 520 VDC
Weight : 3.17 Kg

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5SGY4045L0001 3BHB030310R0001 IGCT High Voltage Control Spare Parts


The provided information outlines the production and planning process flow for ABB Semiconductors, emphasizing salient features and the key to achieving short delivery times. Here’s a breakdown of the details:

  1. Raw Material Planning:
    • Purchases of silicon and housing parts are based on the total backlog and forecasts for related end-products. This indicates that the planning of raw materials is driven by demand forecasts and existing orders.
  2. Un-Irradiated Wafer Planning:
    • Planning for un-irradiated wafers and corresponding wafer starts is based on the total backlog and forecasts of all dependent end-products. This step involves anticipating demand and aligning wafer production accordingly.
  3. Wafer Production:
    • Wafers are irradiated, tested, and classified according to the backlog. This step involves the production and testing of wafers based on the anticipated demand for end-products.
  4. End Product Assembly and Testing:
    • Assembly and testing of end-products are order-driven, based on standard parts. The process exploits short assembly and test cycles common to both standard and adapted standard devices. This approach allows for flexibility in accommodating specific orders.
  5. Fast Deliveries:
    • Short delivery times are achieved through the standardization of un-irradiated wafers and constituent housing components. Accurate forecasting by product groups is crucial for driving piece-part purchasing and wafer diffusion starts, which represent the longest production times. ABB Semiconductors’ lead times are typically only a few weeks under these conditions.
  6. Adapted Standards Implementation:
    • Even adapted standards can be quickly implemented. Modern and flexible test equipment allows accurate measurement of GTOs and fast diodes under various application conditions up to 6 kV and 6 kA. This suggests that the production process is adaptable to specific requirements, ensuring quick response to customer needs.
  7. Tester for GTOs:
    • The document mentions a tester for GTOs, shown in Fig. 2. This suggests that advanced testing equipment is used to ensure the accurate measurement of GTOs and fast diodes during the production process.

By emphasizing the standardization of components, accurate forecasting, and the adaptability of the production process, ABB Semiconductors aims to achieve efficiency and short delivery times to meet customer demands effectively.